Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland

October 28, 2013

Hello Everyone!

    Well this week was an insane one! Tuesday we had District meeting and then drove the 1.5 hours to Helena for the iPad training. As we walked in, we were all issued our very own iPad and then spent 3 hours setting it up to be a missionary tool, learning about how to use it effectively, and much more. It was mind blowing how missionary work has changed, entered a new age and the Lord has great things in store! 

I have received questions on what we use the iPad for... Well to do missionary work! The Area Book and personal planners are all now in an app, so no more physical planners or area books, its all on the iPad. It has an amazing organization of all members, potentials, referrals, investigators, formers, etc. 

Its mind blowing. 

We do our online proselyting through Facebook on the iPad. We have the gospel library which allows us to teach with conference segments, talks, Mormon message videos, broadcasts, the scriptures and so much more, so we use it in every lesson! It is amazing because we get to follow the Spirit more fully. 

For example, if we are teaching a lesson and a conference talk comes to mind or a Mormon message to share... Boom! We have it right then and there and will take the lesson the direction the Spirit wants it to go. If the weather is bad or for whatever reason we cant make an appointment then we can Skype, or Facetime a lesson, we Skype into Ward Councils if we cover more than one unit, we Skype into Mission Conferences as leaders... The list goes on and on for what these can be used for! Its a true blessing to be a part of a mission that was selected to pilot the Lord's new tool. 
WednesdayThursday, and Friday we did a lot of travel for various assignments and taking care of things within our Zone. We put over 1,000 miles on our car in these 3 days so that gives you an idea of how much travel we did, I was worn out when Friday night came around. 
Saturday we had an appointment with a potential investigator who we had met briefly while raking leaves for someone a few days earlier. We met him at his house and then walked down to a park he wanted to meet at. We taught him the Restoration and even though we were outside with the wind blowing, kids playing in the park, people and cars going by, it was as if we were in our own little world and it was one of the most spiritual lessons on my mission. He said he was confused in life, searching for the truth, and just wanting to know what to do. We were able to testify "This is what you have been searching for, your search and the confusion is over, this message we have for you will change your life."  

The spirit was so strong and he recognized it, he accepted an invitation to be baptized but would not commit to a date yet. 
Saturday night we went out to Cascade Branches Trunk or Treat. Cascade is the 2nd unit we cover and is 35 miles South of us. It was a good turn out at the Trunk or Treat and we were able to meet a part member family we have hopes to meet with in the coming week. We also went and visited some less active recent converts and had a good lesson with them. It was good to be there and help them in their time of need. 
Sunday was meetings and Sunday night we received transfer information for us and our Zone. Elder Rodriguez and I are staying together but there are many movements within our Zone so there will be a lot of travel again this week to move many missionaries and vehicles. 

But another highlight of the week was a baptism in a ward within our Zone, we attended and guess who showed up?... Our new investigator we had just taught the day before! He stayed for the whole baptism, and a church tour, felt the Spirit so much and wants to meet with us again as soon as he can! It was so awesome! 

I love this work and it is such a blessing to have experiences like that with people.
Why is the title "Winter Wonderland"? Because yesterday the high went from 60 and sunny to last night 25 degrees and snowing... It snowed all night, is still snowing at 2:30 PM and is still 18 degrees here! Holy Cow! Wish I could send you pics but I will have to next week. 

Got to go. Love all of you! I know this work is true! I know because I have tried it, I live it and I love it. It is the way to true happiness! Love you!

Elder Organ

Pictures This Week! Enjoy :) Sent: October 21, 2013

Milk that my companion left out for like 3 months or so and we finally just got rid of it haha!

Me waiting for a train in Shelby.

Me in my overcoat which I used every day this week... It was rainy and cold when I was in Shelby and Cutbank which are both about 30 miles South of Canada.

Waiting for another train in Cutbank!
Food creations... On the mission you just eat whatever happens to be in your apartment... Missionaries am I right?!
Food creations... On the mission you just eat whatever happens to be in your apartment... Missionaries am I right?!

Exchanges All Week.... WHAT A WEEK!!!

October 21, 2013

Hello Everyone, 

    Well things are still good here in Montana! 

This last Monday I started on exchanges and traveled the Zone all week, I get to travel because we have a companionship of 3 so my companion Elder Rodriguez was able to stay in Great Falls with Elder Nessen. I started in Great Falls with another set of missionaries, it is 2 Elders that just came out together 5 weeks ago and they are training one another. We had some great times and a good experience tracting... Missionary work is much more than tracting and there are many more ways of being effective but these 2 Elders had never gone before and wanted to go so we went out and gave away 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and had 2 other lessons in just under an hour so it was awesome! 
Wednesday I went an hour and half North of Great Falls to a little town called Shelby which is about 40 miles South of Canada and I was there until Friday... It rained the whole time I was there and was cold but we had an enjoyable time! They have a family in Shelby, the Smiths, that have been investigating the church for 7 years or so. With all humbleness of heart I share the following experience... 

With the Spirit I was able to discern some things that needed to happen and began a Gospel conversation. Joe Smith, the father of this family, began to tell his story and share his thoughts and feelings. He said he didn't really know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and said "And I don't really know how to find out". I was astonished that he had had missionaries for 7 years and was saying he didn't know how to find out if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I asked how long it had been since he had read the Book of Mormon. He told me it had been about a year since he had picked it up. A long story short, we were able to lay a foundation for him of how he could receive his answer, and I was able to testify to him of the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Holy Ghost revealing it to us. It was just an awesome lesson, the Spirit was so strong and I feel like some things were finally said that have needed to be said to this family for years. As the Spirit was so high the words of my dear Mission President came to my head "Leave when the Spirit is high".  We did our best to leave as quickly as possible and I am excited to follow up with the Shelby Elders on how the Smiths begin to progress again.
Friday I went to Cutbank and was with the Cutbank Elders until Sunday morning. We did a ton of service while I was there, raked many leaves, Fall is in full boom here and many of the leaves have changed colors and have fallen. They say winter is just around the corner. I had a good time in Cutbank but it was funny, while I was there I got super home sick... not for Gilbert, AZ but for Great Falls! Haha I was just ready to get back to home, my own area. 

Sunday after Branch meetings there in Cutbank I went to Conrad. 
In Conrad we tried some people, had a dinner and then had to drive the hour round trip over to Choteau to take care of some business. Got home later that night and went to sleep! Now its Monday again! This morning we woke up in Conrad and went and dug a 30 foot long trench, 2 feet deep for some people then I changed and hitched a ride with some members back into Great Falls. 

Its good to be back, it was a long week of traveling around but so rewarding! It was a ton of fun and I sure learned a lot from each Elder as I went around, I pray they learned just half as much from me as I learned from them. 

I would like to bear testimony to all of you that this church is the kingdom of God here on Earth! That he is a God of order... Whether I attend church in a little branch of 25 people in Cutbank, Montana or attend church in Gilbert, Arizona, or Spain or the Philippines, or where ever the same doctrines would be being taught, this is the church of Jesus Christ, not the church of men. I am blessed and honored to serve Him in His church! 

I love all of you and thank you for the prayers and support, I need it! Until next week,

Elder Organ 

PS... The picture is of me lookin like a boss in a new grey suit! ;) All you Elders know you are jealous!

Photo Shooooot! Sent: October 14th, 2013

Elder Rodriguez, Me, and Elder Packham

Elder Rodriguez, Me, and Elder Packham

Elder Rodriguez, Me, and Elder Packham

The Power of Faith and BIG NEWS!!!

October 14, 2013

 Hello Everyone,

     So it has been an interesting, fun, sad, discouraging, hard, cold, wet, spiritual and crazy week. All emotions in one week, it has been a roller coaster! 

So Monday was a fun preparation day until I rolled my ankle really bad in basketball, it was discolored and swollen within an hour and I felt so sick because of the throbbing pain but then I had a miracle. I was laying there on the stage at the church as everyone continued to play basketball and I just laid there praying, I asked Heavenly Father to heal my ankle. Sure enough the pain went away in the next hour or 2, I was able to go out and work that night and the next morning... zero swelling, zero discoloring, zero pain as if I had never rolled my ankle. I testify that miracles have not ceased, that with faith in Jesus Christ, anything is possible! I know this to be true with all that I am. 
Tuesday we had a very spiritual and amazing District meeting, one of the best on my mission. While we were in District meeting we got a text from the Assistants asking all Zone Leaders to interview their entire zone, every single missionary by the end of the day. We were to ask our missionaries certain questions our mission has set as the standard. It caught us a little off guard but the rest of the day we went about interviewing all of our missionaries, it was time consuming but as Elder Rodriguez and I were able to interview all of our Zone and then come together and talk about the interviews we had each conducted we could see how inspired these interviews were and how we were able to help many of our missionaries. What we didn't know is that these interviews would tie into some big news later... (Foreshadowing) Haha!
     Wednesday we drove up to Conrad (an hour) and cutting out many details we basically were in Conrad all day dealing with some disobedient missionaries. There was serious consequences to some actions and it took away from our time, the Presidents time, the assistants time and so all of that added up means it took away a ton of the Lord's time! Please to all present and future missionaries.... Please just remember that we all wrote an acceptance letter to the prophet and all signed up for this. Our time to serve the Lord completely and fully is short, please don't waste it by being disobedient! 
While we were in Conrad we had to be on a conference call at 9 AM, the conference call was all the Zone Leaders, Assistants and President Mecham. We talked about several different things and then at the end President Mecham announced some BIG NEWS. He said that our mission had been selected as 1 of 30 missions to be a pilot for using iPads in teaching. We talked about that and how it will be implemented in 2 weeks across the mission with lots of training. Each covenant keeping and worthy missionary will be receiving their own personal mini iPad that will go with them wherever they go until they leave and return it to the mission. We were asked to keep it confidential until the following afternoon when President would announce it to the whole mission. 

Thursday it was announced to the entire mission and there are so many unknown factors right now but we will receive them and be trained on it in 2 weeks, I am very excited! It is mind blowing how awesome it is to be a missionary in this historic time, the iPads will be an incredible tool in teaching and in being efficient in other responsibilities! What a blessing! 

That night we were able to have a really good lesson with one of our recent converts who has slipped back into smoking and is slipping into depression. We had a very Spirit filled and Spirit directed lesson and then at the end she was given a priesthood blessing, it was just an amazing experience, one I cant really describe, just one of those..."This is why I am here on a mission" moments. 
Friday we were busy getting things done before we left about 4 PM and drove to Helena. We had to drive to Helena because of a mid-transfer transfer more commonly known as an Emergency Transfer (we don't like to use that term in the mission) but this transfer was a result to the disobedience I talked about earlier, so sadly it was more time taken from the Lord as we drove the 3 hour round trip to switch missionaries in Helena. 

Then Saturday morning we did another 4 hours of driving to move missionaries around. Then we did an exchange for an hour or so with the Zone Leaders across the river so Elder Rodriguez and Elder Scott could go teach this man, they had a great lesson, but while that was going on Elders Walch and Nessen went with me as we did some tracting in downtown Great Falls, which is not the best part of town. To spare you the details... Many were rude and vulgar to us and it was a little discouraging as no one would listen but we pressed on. We were invited in off the street to a Catholic Mass so we went in for about 10 min, that was very interesting and I could feel the difference! 
Sunday in church, the assigned high councilman didn't show up so the 3 of us missionaries were asked to speak. I spoke 1st on faith, then Elder Nessen on families and then Elder Rodriguez on God's love for us... Our talks flowed together and supported one another, it was awesome! We went to our one and only progressing investigator's house and he told us he is moving to Oklahoma in just 10 days... It was heart breaking! We now have 0 progressing investigators which was a little discouraging, but we are focusing on finding this week and I have faith we can find the prepared. 

Faith is power is what is said in the Bible Dictionary... It is power because as we have faith in Christ, ALL things are possible! That is my testimony, that through Christ all can be accomplished and nothing is impossible! Have faith in our Savior because all things are possible to those who believe! 

Love you all! 


Elder Aaron John Organ

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunsets and Chris Williams Sent:October 7, 2013

Can't get enough of these sunsets!

Me, Chris Williams from the fireside I told you about last week, and Elder Rodriguez.

Montana Chainsaw Massacre Sent: October 7, 2013


A story...

This is a picture of the 20 stitches stitch job in one of my missionaries' leg.
He was helping cut wood for some widows in the Ward and there was an accident with the chain saw.

So..... One morning I get a call from his companion telling me the news before they called Mission Medical or anyone else.

Haha I was like, "Uh ya, this is something you skip the Zone Leaders for and call someone else first then call us and inform us what happened." It was funny they were calling us first. 

The elder is totally fine... So far. 

1st Snow?!

October 7, 2013

Hello Everyone! 

    Well Great Falls Montana is treating me well! I am truly enjoying each and every day of my mission, I still have 16 months but I get all sad thinking about how fast time is flying by! I love being a servant of my Savior, Jesus Christ, there is truly no great call, there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing and I don't just say that to say it, I mean it with all my heart. 
So Monday night and Tuesday we spent most of our time trying to contact referrals and were able to get in with several people, I was able to meet perfect strangers and within 5 minutes have a true love for them and only want to help them by inviting them to come unto Christ. We had some great discussions but sadly we do not have any return appointments with them. Tuesday night I was a little down thinking about how great it all went but that none of them would let us set up a return appointment. The Holy Ghost came and comforted me and whispered the words...

"There is no such thing as a wasted effort when you give it your best." 

I was able to be calm and at peace, I know that to be true; that as long as we give our best to the Lord then we can not fail and there is no wasted efforts. 
Wednesday we got up early and traveled as a Zone to a Zone Conference in Helena, where there were 5 Zones in attendance and we were able to spiritually fed all day long! It was such an awesome conference with the theme being, "Becoming Masterful Teachers". Elder Rodriguez and I were blessed to be able to instruct a 45 min break out session, I testify that both teacher and student are both learning when the Spirit is present! 

I love this work and am striving to become a great teacher like my Master. 
Wednesday night we were coming back from Helena and driving the Fairfield Sisters. We were short on time and didn't have the time to go to Great Falls for the sisters to get their truck before going out to Fairfield for their baptism that night. We decided to take the back highway straight into Fairfield.... Well about 45 miles out, I look down and said "Elder Rodriguez and Sisters, how strong is your faith?" They asked why and I said,"I hope we all have enough faith because our gas light just came on and they say when that happens we only have about 30 miles left..." This is no joke or exaggerated story, we prayed that there would be enough gas to get us to that baptism and not only did we get to that baptism on time but afterwards drove another 14 miles to the nearest gas station! It may sound crazy to some of you but I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father heard the plea of 4 of His missionaries and put gas in that car. There is no way we should have made it 60 miles with the gas light on, I looked up in the manual and it indeed says 30 miles. Miracles have not ceased.
After the baptism, we got into Great Falls, had a late dinner and then I loaded up with the Choteau and Cutbank Elders and we drove the hour out to Choteau and got in about 10 PM. We all slept there and then Thursday morning drove the Elders up to Cutbank (3 hours round trip, its 20 miles South of Canada). And on the way back it started to SNOW! It wasn't much of anything and didn't really stick but it counts haha! I have been on exchanges with the Choteau Elders ever since and we have had a really fun and spiritual time! What a blessing it was been to serve with them and learn from them. I will be back in Great Falls later today until tomorrow and will do some laundry and repack to go on exchanges again for another week or so. 
Life is great! General Conference was amazing and it is hard to pick just one favorite talk! I testify to each of you that we have Prophets and Apostles that speak with God and in turn they speak to us! It is how God has always worked, He works through His children to help His children. I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He came to this earth and performed the Atonement. I know that true power comes into our lives as we accept Christ and His sacrifice! He lives! Let us follow His call through a prophet to join together hand in hand in taking the gospel to the world.

I love each of you and pray for you daily! Thank you for the love, support and letters! 


Elder Organ

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Battle of the Wind and Chris Williams: My Longest Letter Yet...

September 30, 2013

Hello Everyone!

    First off, I need to publicly apologize to my parents... Last Monday was their wedding anniversary. They have been happily married for 36 years! I knew it was that day and totally meant to wish them a happy day but totally spaced it. I love you mom and dad and want to say thank you for being such an example to me of a Christ-centered marriage in this world of divorce. 36 years down and eternity to go, I, like the 2 of you hope to marry my best friend and spend eternity with her! And I will be able to look at the example you have set for me, thank you! 

This week has been so amazing! Tuesday morning we got up early and Elder Rodriguez and I drove with the Great Falls East ZLs the 4 hours to Billings for Mission Leadership Council. We began the council meeting at Noon on Tuesday and didn't get out until 9 PM and then went from 8 AM to Noon on Wednesday and all out to lunch at Golden Corral. So it was a long council meeting in which the Spirit was so strong. 

As the leadership of the Mission we changed many things, some of which may come as a shock or a hard thing to do for the missionaries in our Mission but I know all the changes are for the better and will transform our Mission to what it is meant to be. I am so honored and blessed to be able to sit on that great Council. 

We got home late Wednesday night and the entire drive from Billings back to Great Falls we had the wind blowing the rain sideways. The rain stopped Thursday morning but the wind has just gotten worse. The wind is blowing a steady 30 mph gusting up to 45 mph every day, ALL day long, no exaggerations. It is pretty intense! My face is wind dried no matter how much lotion I put on, haha! 

Thursday morning we got up and drove to Helena for a new missionary and trainer meeting. Elder Rodriguez and I were blessed to speak together about the importance of training for about an hour, it was an enjoyable meeting in which I learned much. 

So the first 3 days of my week were all travel for the meetings and by Friday morning I was exhausted but my companion and I had a ton to talk about and plan so we spent the day time hours doing so. 

Then that night for the first time all week we were able to get out and do some teaching! We got in with this elderly less active man and we were able to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon and the importance of going to church. At the end he said, "You boys came for the right reasons and I know I need to go back to church with my wife." We were excited about that and hope to see him in Church. 

Saturday we helped some recent converts move into the neighboring Ward and then some members took us to Golden Corral for dinner. Afterwards, we drove the 30 miles out to Cascade which is a small town in which there is a Branch that we also cover. We stayed at a members house out there and Sunday morning we got up and went to church at the Cascade Branch. It was Fast and Testimony Meeting since General Conference is this weekend. 

The first person to bear their testimony was a young man named Wesley Carpenter. He had just barely received his Mission Call and was announcing where he was to be serving. He said "I have been called to serve in the Arizona Gilbert mission." and then he bore a powerful testimony and took his seat. So I went up right after him to be the 2nd one. I said "Good morning everyone, none of you know me but I am Elder Organ and I am from Gilbert, Arizona. Wesley, its going to be mighty warm in the Summers" there was a lot of laughter, I wasn't trying to be funny, haha I was telling the Montana boy how hot AZ Summers are! So after sacrament meeting he asked me a lot of questions about Gilbert. 

Sunday night we attended a Chris Williams Fireside! Some of you may not recognize the name, but most of you know the story. Brother Williams was the man who in 2007 lost his wife (who was expecting) and 2 of his children in a car accident as a result of teenage drunk driving accident. 

Here is a link to his Mormon message. Copy and paste it into your browser.

     Well this great man came to Great Falls, Montana to speak to us. And I would like to echo the doctrines he taught. We must all have faith in Jesus Christ, faith in Him and His atonement, believe that He can heal us. Take upon us the yoke of Christ for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We most all remain hopeful, hope is all about perspective. Hope and repentance are more closely tied than I once realized.

Repentance in the Bible Dictionary says to have a fresh view about oneself, a fresh view of God. So it is a new and fresh perspective, or hope. If we act upon the trials we are given in the right way, then they will build us, build our faith and knowledge. By allowing this to happen then we can build up a resistance to Satan and allow faith and hope to be the anchor of our soul as Ether describes. Whatever burden any of you may be carrying, my invitation is the same as Brother Williams... Let it go and exercise your faith in Jesus Christ to be healed. Let it go and forgive freely as Christ forgave. 

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do" 

I testify that through the Atonement and power of Jesus Christ you can be healed and can forgive. Do you believe? 

An update on Brother Chris Williams that many of you may enjoy... His oldest son was 14 at the time of the accident and after a really hard time with it, he too applied the Atonement in his life and is now finishing the last month of his mission in North Carolina. His surviving son of the accident who was 6 at the time is now 13 and bears a powerful witness of Jesus Christ. Brother Williams remarried a widow who had 2 children and they together, have had 2 little girls. 

Cameron, the young man who was the drunk driver, was 17 at the time of the accident. Brother Williams plead with the judge at Cameron's trial that he wanted what was best for Cameron, so that he could make something of his life. Cameron was tried as a juvenile and was in prison until age 21. He too has applied the Atonement in his life and was just recently married and enjoying his life. 

The story of Chris Williams is an amazing, life changing one. What a blessing it was to hear his testimony of the Savior and the Atonement. I add my witness to his... 

Jesus is the Christ and through Him, all things are possible! 

Love you all so much and pray for you all daily! 

With Love,
Elder Aaron Organ

Pictures From Mission Leadership Council Sent: September 30, 2013

Mission Leadership Council 9.25.13 (Two days in Billings)

Front:  Scott, Burrows, Lammi, Thompson, Christensen, Steck, Mechams,
Parr, Ward, Bain, Romrell

Center:  Olsen, McKeachnie, Southwick, Zacchilli, T. Nielson, Smith,
Palazzo, Julander, Bishop, McLeod, Walch, Organ, Hopkins

Back:  Ruzicka, Ash, Eiselin, Payne, Wasden, Paine, Hemenway, C.J.
White, Rodriguez, Pace, Anthony, Thawley

Windy City!!

September 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!

    So first off, a little bit about my new area... 

Great Falls, MT is a town of about 65,000 and so its HUGE for Montana and my biggest area so far! And it is nicknamed the Windy City because every day the wind blows, all day long! 

We live with an 87 year old lady. She lives in the basement and we have the entire upstairs to ourselves, so that's really nice, sorta spoiled.

Last Monday we went cave exploring again in Lander, Wyoming which was fun. Then that night I said all my goodbyes and packed up. The next day, I drove 3 other missionaries in my car from Riverton to Lovell, Wyoming which is about a 4 hour drive. Then I got on a van to Billings with about 12 missionaries, got to Billings about 9 PM and went to stay at one of the Senior Couples houses. In the morning we got to the Mission Home about 6 AM and I was able to say hello to Elder Anderson. First comment he made was, "Wow you have filled out a lot and gotten taller!" So take that as you will... Elder Anderson is serving in Missoula, MT and has a great trainer, I will get to see him every once and awhile. 
 Wednesday morning I got to drive a brand new 2014 Chevy Cruise with 50 miles on it from Billings to Helena (5 hours) and that car has some pep! Its awesome getting to drive new Mission cars! Haha! Then, in Helena, my companion Elder Rodriguez picked me up and we went the 2 hours North to Great Falls with a few other missionaries we were taking to our Zone. I was able to go meet some members that night, in the freezing cold wind! Then Thursday morning we went with the Great Falls East Zone Leaders to Helena again to pick up new missionaries and bring them back to our Zones. 
Thursday to now has honestly been more administrative work getting our new zone up and running than anything else. A lot of new responsibilities, late nights and early mornings to make it all happen. But its enjoyable and I am learning a lot! 

I have been able to meet some great people Elder Rodriguez has been working with and I look forward to helping them as well. We did some service for a nonmember and then she fed us lunch and we taught a lesson, so hopefully that turns into something. 
So a little bit about my companion! Elder Rodriguez and I were in the MTC together and came out together so I know him well. He is somewhat a little famous in the missionary world because he is on "The District 2". His dad is the non-member being taught on some of the episodes. He is from San Diego, he turned 19 the day we reported, he is full Filipino and a spiritual giant. I love being able to serve with him! 

I attached an epic picture of us.

Elder Rodriguez and I!    

This morning Elder Rodriguez and I did a Sunrise Hike to the top of this mountain that has a big GF on it for Great Falls. We hiked to the top with 2 of the new missionaries and their companions and watched the sunrise. Then we read Alma Ch 17 together and discussed it! It was awesome! 
I got to go, so much to do but I love all of you! 

I bear you my testimony... I know God lives, he is our loving Heavenly Father who is aware of each and everyone of us, He wants to hear from you so pray to Him. Jesus Christ died for you and me and through His atonement, anything is possible, I know He lives today and leads and guides this great work. The Bible and Book of Mormon are testaments of these truths, they go hand in hand. Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today, keep your eye on him! I love my Savior and my Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

- Elder Aaron Organ
Great Falls Zone
Montana Billings Mission
1848 Rimrock Rd.
Billings, MT 59102

Back to Montana With A Change of Plans

September 19, 2013

Hello all,
     This email is going to people I recently wrote and it is just an update on my address.
Rachelle if you could also put it on FB and my blog... 

So you can always still write the mission home in Billings and they forward my mail or you can write straight to me or send things straight to me here in Great Falls, Montana! 

So my new address is: 

922 Ave B NW  
Great Falls, MT 59404.
I made the long travel from Riverton, Wyoming here to Great Falls, Montana safely and had a change in my assignment. I am still a Zone Leader here but it is of a new and young Zone just created this transfer! And my companion changed... 

I am companions with ELDER RODRIGUEZ! Who I came out with, so we know each other very well! He is an amazing missionary, love him so much! We were both just made Zone Leaders and are training each other on that but its all a part of the adventure! 

I am loving it! Love all of you!
-Elder Organ

Transfers.... SAY WHAT??!!?

September 16, 2013

 So today was Transfer Calls but the story really begins not today but on Friday. 

I was in Lander on exchanges with another missionary and the phone rings. He answers it and says, "Elder Organ it is for you, it is the Assistants." So puzzled, I answer and they did an interview over the phone and told me it was all confidential and not to mention it to anyone. Then, Sunday night I get a call from the Assistants again and they notify me of my transfer info...

Elder Linton is staying here in Riverton and I, after only 6 weeks in Wyoming, am leaving to go to Great Falls, Montana to be a Zone Leader there! 

My jaw dropped and I was beyond shocked when he said, "You are being called to be a Zone Leader". I am completely humbled because I personally know many, many missionaries who are much more qualified than me but something I do know from past callings and assignments is that the Lord does qualify those who he calls, just as Joseph Smith promised Brigham Young. 
So tomorrow I drive our car the 6 hours to Billings where we will spend the night and I can meet my companion, Elder Payne who is serving as a Zone Leader in Billings right now. So the 2 of us will have a 6 hour van ride together on Wednesday and can get to know each other. We are getting doubled into Great Falls which makes that my 4th time getting doubled in, so I'm a pro now ;) Haha. 

Guess who else I will get to see in Billings tomorrow.... ELDER CADE ANDERSON from Gilbert, AZ - Maplewood Ward! So that will be fun! 
So I am excited for the new opportunity and capacity in which I have to serve and learn. I love the 11 missionaries in my District, it has been a pleasure to be here in Riverton with them for these 6 weeks! I fell in love with the area and people and will miss it indeed but I am off to another adventure within my Big Adventure of a mission. 

I love being a missionary and serving my Father and Savior with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! And as I strive to do that, I will be able to stand before them at the last day and give an honorable report of what I did in Montana and Wyoming for 2 years. 

I know we will all stand before God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ one day... Will They recognize you? Serve with all you have and you will have no need to fear! 

Love this work. I love all of you and pray for you all daily! Thank you!
-Elder Aaron Organ

The Lady With Her Dog

September 9, 2013

Hello everyone, 

   It has been such a crazy week! 

So Monday to Wednesday morning I went on exchanges to Lander and was with some great missionaries down there, it was enjoyable. Then Wednesday morning I got back and we had a District meeting in Riverton from 9 AM to 12:30

In my district we have 12 missionaries total. We all serve within the Riverton Stake so as a District, we have decided to put on a Stake activity that will greatly involve the entire community. We are still working out all the details but it will hopefully be awesome and take place on October 19th. Elder Linton and I will be presenting it all to the Stake this coming Wednesday so I will let you all know how that goes. 
Anyways, Wednesday afternoon after the District meeting, Elder Linton and I had an appointment with a lady who has been less active for a long time. So we go over there and meet the Relief Society President there and go in to get to know this lady and teach her and she had invited her dad over. 

Well long story short, her dad's name is Russ and he is from New Mexico, moved here a few months back. There in New Mexico he had taken the Missionary Lessons and wanted to be baptized but it had not worked out there. So we teach them all the first lesson and we put Russ on date to be baptized September 28th. The Spirit was so strong and it was just an amazing experience. He said, "Well I have to give up smoking and chewing." and we told him, "Yes, that's right." He sat in silence a long time and then looked at us with his one eye (he has an eye patch- haha) and said, "I promise I am going to do this, and not for you 2 strangers but for God, for my family and for myself!" It was so awesome! So that was Wednesday and we saw him Friday and Sunday and he said he has not smoked or chewed since he said that. He said, "When I make a promise to anyone, I keep it and especially a promise with God!" I love Russ and am excited to work with him as time goes on! 
We met with several Less Actives this week and they all committed to come to church and sure enough they were there. For one family it was such a HUGE step! We counted others that we have been working with as Reactivated in our report last night and the work is just taking leaps and bounds here in Aspen Park! 

Another awesome story; so we are at church greeting people and the Bishop's wife and family walk in with this lady who has a dog. She said she was out walking her dog and saw everyone going into the church and she felt drawn to the church house and to go in. She asked us if she could stay. We looked at her and her dog and said, "Of course you can stay!" So she walked in, walking her dog up the aisle to the 2nd row from the front and sat down. Ha ha as you can imagine, most Mormons are not used to a lady in street clothes walking a dog up the aisle of the chaple, so there was some stares but it didn't bother her. We got her contact info and will be meeting with her this coming week at the Bishop's house. 

Life is so good! 
I am loving life and time is just flying way to fast! Happiness that is indescribable! I know this work is true! I love all of you and am thankful for your love and support! 

-Elder Organ