Sunday, October 6, 2013

Transfers.... SAY WHAT??!!?

September 16, 2013

 So today was Transfer Calls but the story really begins not today but on Friday. 

I was in Lander on exchanges with another missionary and the phone rings. He answers it and says, "Elder Organ it is for you, it is the Assistants." So puzzled, I answer and they did an interview over the phone and told me it was all confidential and not to mention it to anyone. Then, Sunday night I get a call from the Assistants again and they notify me of my transfer info...

Elder Linton is staying here in Riverton and I, after only 6 weeks in Wyoming, am leaving to go to Great Falls, Montana to be a Zone Leader there! 

My jaw dropped and I was beyond shocked when he said, "You are being called to be a Zone Leader". I am completely humbled because I personally know many, many missionaries who are much more qualified than me but something I do know from past callings and assignments is that the Lord does qualify those who he calls, just as Joseph Smith promised Brigham Young. 
So tomorrow I drive our car the 6 hours to Billings where we will spend the night and I can meet my companion, Elder Payne who is serving as a Zone Leader in Billings right now. So the 2 of us will have a 6 hour van ride together on Wednesday and can get to know each other. We are getting doubled into Great Falls which makes that my 4th time getting doubled in, so I'm a pro now ;) Haha. 

Guess who else I will get to see in Billings tomorrow.... ELDER CADE ANDERSON from Gilbert, AZ - Maplewood Ward! So that will be fun! 
So I am excited for the new opportunity and capacity in which I have to serve and learn. I love the 11 missionaries in my District, it has been a pleasure to be here in Riverton with them for these 6 weeks! I fell in love with the area and people and will miss it indeed but I am off to another adventure within my Big Adventure of a mission. 

I love being a missionary and serving my Father and Savior with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! And as I strive to do that, I will be able to stand before them at the last day and give an honorable report of what I did in Montana and Wyoming for 2 years. 

I know we will all stand before God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ one day... Will They recognize you? Serve with all you have and you will have no need to fear! 

Love this work. I love all of you and pray for you all daily! Thank you!
-Elder Aaron Organ

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