Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exchanges All Week.... WHAT A WEEK!!!

October 21, 2013

Hello Everyone, 

    Well things are still good here in Montana! 

This last Monday I started on exchanges and traveled the Zone all week, I get to travel because we have a companionship of 3 so my companion Elder Rodriguez was able to stay in Great Falls with Elder Nessen. I started in Great Falls with another set of missionaries, it is 2 Elders that just came out together 5 weeks ago and they are training one another. We had some great times and a good experience tracting... Missionary work is much more than tracting and there are many more ways of being effective but these 2 Elders had never gone before and wanted to go so we went out and gave away 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and had 2 other lessons in just under an hour so it was awesome! 
Wednesday I went an hour and half North of Great Falls to a little town called Shelby which is about 40 miles South of Canada and I was there until Friday... It rained the whole time I was there and was cold but we had an enjoyable time! They have a family in Shelby, the Smiths, that have been investigating the church for 7 years or so. With all humbleness of heart I share the following experience... 

With the Spirit I was able to discern some things that needed to happen and began a Gospel conversation. Joe Smith, the father of this family, began to tell his story and share his thoughts and feelings. He said he didn't really know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and said "And I don't really know how to find out". I was astonished that he had had missionaries for 7 years and was saying he didn't know how to find out if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I asked how long it had been since he had read the Book of Mormon. He told me it had been about a year since he had picked it up. A long story short, we were able to lay a foundation for him of how he could receive his answer, and I was able to testify to him of the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Holy Ghost revealing it to us. It was just an awesome lesson, the Spirit was so strong and I feel like some things were finally said that have needed to be said to this family for years. As the Spirit was so high the words of my dear Mission President came to my head "Leave when the Spirit is high".  We did our best to leave as quickly as possible and I am excited to follow up with the Shelby Elders on how the Smiths begin to progress again.
Friday I went to Cutbank and was with the Cutbank Elders until Sunday morning. We did a ton of service while I was there, raked many leaves, Fall is in full boom here and many of the leaves have changed colors and have fallen. They say winter is just around the corner. I had a good time in Cutbank but it was funny, while I was there I got super home sick... not for Gilbert, AZ but for Great Falls! Haha I was just ready to get back to home, my own area. 

Sunday after Branch meetings there in Cutbank I went to Conrad. 
In Conrad we tried some people, had a dinner and then had to drive the hour round trip over to Choteau to take care of some business. Got home later that night and went to sleep! Now its Monday again! This morning we woke up in Conrad and went and dug a 30 foot long trench, 2 feet deep for some people then I changed and hitched a ride with some members back into Great Falls. 

Its good to be back, it was a long week of traveling around but so rewarding! It was a ton of fun and I sure learned a lot from each Elder as I went around, I pray they learned just half as much from me as I learned from them. 

I would like to bear testimony to all of you that this church is the kingdom of God here on Earth! That he is a God of order... Whether I attend church in a little branch of 25 people in Cutbank, Montana or attend church in Gilbert, Arizona, or Spain or the Philippines, or where ever the same doctrines would be being taught, this is the church of Jesus Christ, not the church of men. I am blessed and honored to serve Him in His church! 

I love all of you and thank you for the prayers and support, I need it! Until next week,

Elder Organ 

PS... The picture is of me lookin like a boss in a new grey suit! ;) All you Elders know you are jealous!

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