Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Power of Faith and BIG NEWS!!!

October 14, 2013

 Hello Everyone,

     So it has been an interesting, fun, sad, discouraging, hard, cold, wet, spiritual and crazy week. All emotions in one week, it has been a roller coaster! 

So Monday was a fun preparation day until I rolled my ankle really bad in basketball, it was discolored and swollen within an hour and I felt so sick because of the throbbing pain but then I had a miracle. I was laying there on the stage at the church as everyone continued to play basketball and I just laid there praying, I asked Heavenly Father to heal my ankle. Sure enough the pain went away in the next hour or 2, I was able to go out and work that night and the next morning... zero swelling, zero discoloring, zero pain as if I had never rolled my ankle. I testify that miracles have not ceased, that with faith in Jesus Christ, anything is possible! I know this to be true with all that I am. 
Tuesday we had a very spiritual and amazing District meeting, one of the best on my mission. While we were in District meeting we got a text from the Assistants asking all Zone Leaders to interview their entire zone, every single missionary by the end of the day. We were to ask our missionaries certain questions our mission has set as the standard. It caught us a little off guard but the rest of the day we went about interviewing all of our missionaries, it was time consuming but as Elder Rodriguez and I were able to interview all of our Zone and then come together and talk about the interviews we had each conducted we could see how inspired these interviews were and how we were able to help many of our missionaries. What we didn't know is that these interviews would tie into some big news later... (Foreshadowing) Haha!
     Wednesday we drove up to Conrad (an hour) and cutting out many details we basically were in Conrad all day dealing with some disobedient missionaries. There was serious consequences to some actions and it took away from our time, the Presidents time, the assistants time and so all of that added up means it took away a ton of the Lord's time! Please to all present and future missionaries.... Please just remember that we all wrote an acceptance letter to the prophet and all signed up for this. Our time to serve the Lord completely and fully is short, please don't waste it by being disobedient! 
While we were in Conrad we had to be on a conference call at 9 AM, the conference call was all the Zone Leaders, Assistants and President Mecham. We talked about several different things and then at the end President Mecham announced some BIG NEWS. He said that our mission had been selected as 1 of 30 missions to be a pilot for using iPads in teaching. We talked about that and how it will be implemented in 2 weeks across the mission with lots of training. Each covenant keeping and worthy missionary will be receiving their own personal mini iPad that will go with them wherever they go until they leave and return it to the mission. We were asked to keep it confidential until the following afternoon when President would announce it to the whole mission. 

Thursday it was announced to the entire mission and there are so many unknown factors right now but we will receive them and be trained on it in 2 weeks, I am very excited! It is mind blowing how awesome it is to be a missionary in this historic time, the iPads will be an incredible tool in teaching and in being efficient in other responsibilities! What a blessing! 

That night we were able to have a really good lesson with one of our recent converts who has slipped back into smoking and is slipping into depression. We had a very Spirit filled and Spirit directed lesson and then at the end she was given a priesthood blessing, it was just an amazing experience, one I cant really describe, just one of those..."This is why I am here on a mission" moments. 
Friday we were busy getting things done before we left about 4 PM and drove to Helena. We had to drive to Helena because of a mid-transfer transfer more commonly known as an Emergency Transfer (we don't like to use that term in the mission) but this transfer was a result to the disobedience I talked about earlier, so sadly it was more time taken from the Lord as we drove the 3 hour round trip to switch missionaries in Helena. 

Then Saturday morning we did another 4 hours of driving to move missionaries around. Then we did an exchange for an hour or so with the Zone Leaders across the river so Elder Rodriguez and Elder Scott could go teach this man, they had a great lesson, but while that was going on Elders Walch and Nessen went with me as we did some tracting in downtown Great Falls, which is not the best part of town. To spare you the details... Many were rude and vulgar to us and it was a little discouraging as no one would listen but we pressed on. We were invited in off the street to a Catholic Mass so we went in for about 10 min, that was very interesting and I could feel the difference! 
Sunday in church, the assigned high councilman didn't show up so the 3 of us missionaries were asked to speak. I spoke 1st on faith, then Elder Nessen on families and then Elder Rodriguez on God's love for us... Our talks flowed together and supported one another, it was awesome! We went to our one and only progressing investigator's house and he told us he is moving to Oklahoma in just 10 days... It was heart breaking! We now have 0 progressing investigators which was a little discouraging, but we are focusing on finding this week and I have faith we can find the prepared. 

Faith is power is what is said in the Bible Dictionary... It is power because as we have faith in Christ, ALL things are possible! That is my testimony, that through Christ all can be accomplished and nothing is impossible! Have faith in our Savior because all things are possible to those who believe! 

Love you all! 


Elder Aaron John Organ

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