Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1st Snow?!

October 7, 2013

Hello Everyone! 

    Well Great Falls Montana is treating me well! I am truly enjoying each and every day of my mission, I still have 16 months but I get all sad thinking about how fast time is flying by! I love being a servant of my Savior, Jesus Christ, there is truly no great call, there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing and I don't just say that to say it, I mean it with all my heart. 
So Monday night and Tuesday we spent most of our time trying to contact referrals and were able to get in with several people, I was able to meet perfect strangers and within 5 minutes have a true love for them and only want to help them by inviting them to come unto Christ. We had some great discussions but sadly we do not have any return appointments with them. Tuesday night I was a little down thinking about how great it all went but that none of them would let us set up a return appointment. The Holy Ghost came and comforted me and whispered the words...

"There is no such thing as a wasted effort when you give it your best." 

I was able to be calm and at peace, I know that to be true; that as long as we give our best to the Lord then we can not fail and there is no wasted efforts. 
Wednesday we got up early and traveled as a Zone to a Zone Conference in Helena, where there were 5 Zones in attendance and we were able to spiritually fed all day long! It was such an awesome conference with the theme being, "Becoming Masterful Teachers". Elder Rodriguez and I were blessed to be able to instruct a 45 min break out session, I testify that both teacher and student are both learning when the Spirit is present! 

I love this work and am striving to become a great teacher like my Master. 
Wednesday night we were coming back from Helena and driving the Fairfield Sisters. We were short on time and didn't have the time to go to Great Falls for the sisters to get their truck before going out to Fairfield for their baptism that night. We decided to take the back highway straight into Fairfield.... Well about 45 miles out, I look down and said "Elder Rodriguez and Sisters, how strong is your faith?" They asked why and I said,"I hope we all have enough faith because our gas light just came on and they say when that happens we only have about 30 miles left..." This is no joke or exaggerated story, we prayed that there would be enough gas to get us to that baptism and not only did we get to that baptism on time but afterwards drove another 14 miles to the nearest gas station! It may sound crazy to some of you but I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father heard the plea of 4 of His missionaries and put gas in that car. There is no way we should have made it 60 miles with the gas light on, I looked up in the manual and it indeed says 30 miles. Miracles have not ceased.
After the baptism, we got into Great Falls, had a late dinner and then I loaded up with the Choteau and Cutbank Elders and we drove the hour out to Choteau and got in about 10 PM. We all slept there and then Thursday morning drove the Elders up to Cutbank (3 hours round trip, its 20 miles South of Canada). And on the way back it started to SNOW! It wasn't much of anything and didn't really stick but it counts haha! I have been on exchanges with the Choteau Elders ever since and we have had a really fun and spiritual time! What a blessing it was been to serve with them and learn from them. I will be back in Great Falls later today until tomorrow and will do some laundry and repack to go on exchanges again for another week or so. 
Life is great! General Conference was amazing and it is hard to pick just one favorite talk! I testify to each of you that we have Prophets and Apostles that speak with God and in turn they speak to us! It is how God has always worked, He works through His children to help His children. I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He came to this earth and performed the Atonement. I know that true power comes into our lives as we accept Christ and His sacrifice! He lives! Let us follow His call through a prophet to join together hand in hand in taking the gospel to the world.

I love each of you and pray for you daily! Thank you for the love, support and letters! 


Elder Organ

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