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Battle of the Wind and Chris Williams: My Longest Letter Yet...

September 30, 2013

Hello Everyone!

    First off, I need to publicly apologize to my parents... Last Monday was their wedding anniversary. They have been happily married for 36 years! I knew it was that day and totally meant to wish them a happy day but totally spaced it. I love you mom and dad and want to say thank you for being such an example to me of a Christ-centered marriage in this world of divorce. 36 years down and eternity to go, I, like the 2 of you hope to marry my best friend and spend eternity with her! And I will be able to look at the example you have set for me, thank you! 

This week has been so amazing! Tuesday morning we got up early and Elder Rodriguez and I drove with the Great Falls East ZLs the 4 hours to Billings for Mission Leadership Council. We began the council meeting at Noon on Tuesday and didn't get out until 9 PM and then went from 8 AM to Noon on Wednesday and all out to lunch at Golden Corral. So it was a long council meeting in which the Spirit was so strong. 

As the leadership of the Mission we changed many things, some of which may come as a shock or a hard thing to do for the missionaries in our Mission but I know all the changes are for the better and will transform our Mission to what it is meant to be. I am so honored and blessed to be able to sit on that great Council. 

We got home late Wednesday night and the entire drive from Billings back to Great Falls we had the wind blowing the rain sideways. The rain stopped Thursday morning but the wind has just gotten worse. The wind is blowing a steady 30 mph gusting up to 45 mph every day, ALL day long, no exaggerations. It is pretty intense! My face is wind dried no matter how much lotion I put on, haha! 

Thursday morning we got up and drove to Helena for a new missionary and trainer meeting. Elder Rodriguez and I were blessed to speak together about the importance of training for about an hour, it was an enjoyable meeting in which I learned much. 

So the first 3 days of my week were all travel for the meetings and by Friday morning I was exhausted but my companion and I had a ton to talk about and plan so we spent the day time hours doing so. 

Then that night for the first time all week we were able to get out and do some teaching! We got in with this elderly less active man and we were able to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon and the importance of going to church. At the end he said, "You boys came for the right reasons and I know I need to go back to church with my wife." We were excited about that and hope to see him in Church. 

Saturday we helped some recent converts move into the neighboring Ward and then some members took us to Golden Corral for dinner. Afterwards, we drove the 30 miles out to Cascade which is a small town in which there is a Branch that we also cover. We stayed at a members house out there and Sunday morning we got up and went to church at the Cascade Branch. It was Fast and Testimony Meeting since General Conference is this weekend. 

The first person to bear their testimony was a young man named Wesley Carpenter. He had just barely received his Mission Call and was announcing where he was to be serving. He said "I have been called to serve in the Arizona Gilbert mission." and then he bore a powerful testimony and took his seat. So I went up right after him to be the 2nd one. I said "Good morning everyone, none of you know me but I am Elder Organ and I am from Gilbert, Arizona. Wesley, its going to be mighty warm in the Summers" there was a lot of laughter, I wasn't trying to be funny, haha I was telling the Montana boy how hot AZ Summers are! So after sacrament meeting he asked me a lot of questions about Gilbert. 

Sunday night we attended a Chris Williams Fireside! Some of you may not recognize the name, but most of you know the story. Brother Williams was the man who in 2007 lost his wife (who was expecting) and 2 of his children in a car accident as a result of teenage drunk driving accident. 

Here is a link to his Mormon message. Copy and paste it into your browser.

     Well this great man came to Great Falls, Montana to speak to us. And I would like to echo the doctrines he taught. We must all have faith in Jesus Christ, faith in Him and His atonement, believe that He can heal us. Take upon us the yoke of Christ for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We most all remain hopeful, hope is all about perspective. Hope and repentance are more closely tied than I once realized.

Repentance in the Bible Dictionary says to have a fresh view about oneself, a fresh view of God. So it is a new and fresh perspective, or hope. If we act upon the trials we are given in the right way, then they will build us, build our faith and knowledge. By allowing this to happen then we can build up a resistance to Satan and allow faith and hope to be the anchor of our soul as Ether describes. Whatever burden any of you may be carrying, my invitation is the same as Brother Williams... Let it go and exercise your faith in Jesus Christ to be healed. Let it go and forgive freely as Christ forgave. 

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do" 

I testify that through the Atonement and power of Jesus Christ you can be healed and can forgive. Do you believe? 

An update on Brother Chris Williams that many of you may enjoy... His oldest son was 14 at the time of the accident and after a really hard time with it, he too applied the Atonement in his life and is now finishing the last month of his mission in North Carolina. His surviving son of the accident who was 6 at the time is now 13 and bears a powerful witness of Jesus Christ. Brother Williams remarried a widow who had 2 children and they together, have had 2 little girls. 

Cameron, the young man who was the drunk driver, was 17 at the time of the accident. Brother Williams plead with the judge at Cameron's trial that he wanted what was best for Cameron, so that he could make something of his life. Cameron was tried as a juvenile and was in prison until age 21. He too has applied the Atonement in his life and was just recently married and enjoying his life. 

The story of Chris Williams is an amazing, life changing one. What a blessing it was to hear his testimony of the Savior and the Atonement. I add my witness to his... 

Jesus is the Christ and through Him, all things are possible! 

Love you all so much and pray for you all daily! 

With Love,
Elder Aaron Organ

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