Sunday, October 6, 2013

Windy City!!

September 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!

    So first off, a little bit about my new area... 

Great Falls, MT is a town of about 65,000 and so its HUGE for Montana and my biggest area so far! And it is nicknamed the Windy City because every day the wind blows, all day long! 

We live with an 87 year old lady. She lives in the basement and we have the entire upstairs to ourselves, so that's really nice, sorta spoiled.

Last Monday we went cave exploring again in Lander, Wyoming which was fun. Then that night I said all my goodbyes and packed up. The next day, I drove 3 other missionaries in my car from Riverton to Lovell, Wyoming which is about a 4 hour drive. Then I got on a van to Billings with about 12 missionaries, got to Billings about 9 PM and went to stay at one of the Senior Couples houses. In the morning we got to the Mission Home about 6 AM and I was able to say hello to Elder Anderson. First comment he made was, "Wow you have filled out a lot and gotten taller!" So take that as you will... Elder Anderson is serving in Missoula, MT and has a great trainer, I will get to see him every once and awhile. 
 Wednesday morning I got to drive a brand new 2014 Chevy Cruise with 50 miles on it from Billings to Helena (5 hours) and that car has some pep! Its awesome getting to drive new Mission cars! Haha! Then, in Helena, my companion Elder Rodriguez picked me up and we went the 2 hours North to Great Falls with a few other missionaries we were taking to our Zone. I was able to go meet some members that night, in the freezing cold wind! Then Thursday morning we went with the Great Falls East Zone Leaders to Helena again to pick up new missionaries and bring them back to our Zones. 
Thursday to now has honestly been more administrative work getting our new zone up and running than anything else. A lot of new responsibilities, late nights and early mornings to make it all happen. But its enjoyable and I am learning a lot! 

I have been able to meet some great people Elder Rodriguez has been working with and I look forward to helping them as well. We did some service for a nonmember and then she fed us lunch and we taught a lesson, so hopefully that turns into something. 
So a little bit about my companion! Elder Rodriguez and I were in the MTC together and came out together so I know him well. He is somewhat a little famous in the missionary world because he is on "The District 2". His dad is the non-member being taught on some of the episodes. He is from San Diego, he turned 19 the day we reported, he is full Filipino and a spiritual giant. I love being able to serve with him! 

I attached an epic picture of us.

Elder Rodriguez and I!    

This morning Elder Rodriguez and I did a Sunrise Hike to the top of this mountain that has a big GF on it for Great Falls. We hiked to the top with 2 of the new missionaries and their companions and watched the sunrise. Then we read Alma Ch 17 together and discussed it! It was awesome! 
I got to go, so much to do but I love all of you! 

I bear you my testimony... I know God lives, he is our loving Heavenly Father who is aware of each and everyone of us, He wants to hear from you so pray to Him. Jesus Christ died for you and me and through His atonement, anything is possible, I know He lives today and leads and guides this great work. The Bible and Book of Mormon are testaments of these truths, they go hand in hand. Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today, keep your eye on him! I love my Savior and my Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

- Elder Aaron Organ
Great Falls Zone
Montana Billings Mission
1848 Rimrock Rd.
Billings, MT 59102

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