Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Lady With Her Dog

September 9, 2013

Hello everyone, 

   It has been such a crazy week! 

So Monday to Wednesday morning I went on exchanges to Lander and was with some great missionaries down there, it was enjoyable. Then Wednesday morning I got back and we had a District meeting in Riverton from 9 AM to 12:30

In my district we have 12 missionaries total. We all serve within the Riverton Stake so as a District, we have decided to put on a Stake activity that will greatly involve the entire community. We are still working out all the details but it will hopefully be awesome and take place on October 19th. Elder Linton and I will be presenting it all to the Stake this coming Wednesday so I will let you all know how that goes. 
Anyways, Wednesday afternoon after the District meeting, Elder Linton and I had an appointment with a lady who has been less active for a long time. So we go over there and meet the Relief Society President there and go in to get to know this lady and teach her and she had invited her dad over. 

Well long story short, her dad's name is Russ and he is from New Mexico, moved here a few months back. There in New Mexico he had taken the Missionary Lessons and wanted to be baptized but it had not worked out there. So we teach them all the first lesson and we put Russ on date to be baptized September 28th. The Spirit was so strong and it was just an amazing experience. He said, "Well I have to give up smoking and chewing." and we told him, "Yes, that's right." He sat in silence a long time and then looked at us with his one eye (he has an eye patch- haha) and said, "I promise I am going to do this, and not for you 2 strangers but for God, for my family and for myself!" It was so awesome! So that was Wednesday and we saw him Friday and Sunday and he said he has not smoked or chewed since he said that. He said, "When I make a promise to anyone, I keep it and especially a promise with God!" I love Russ and am excited to work with him as time goes on! 
We met with several Less Actives this week and they all committed to come to church and sure enough they were there. For one family it was such a HUGE step! We counted others that we have been working with as Reactivated in our report last night and the work is just taking leaps and bounds here in Aspen Park! 

Another awesome story; so we are at church greeting people and the Bishop's wife and family walk in with this lady who has a dog. She said she was out walking her dog and saw everyone going into the church and she felt drawn to the church house and to go in. She asked us if she could stay. We looked at her and her dog and said, "Of course you can stay!" So she walked in, walking her dog up the aisle to the 2nd row from the front and sat down. Ha ha as you can imagine, most Mormons are not used to a lady in street clothes walking a dog up the aisle of the chaple, so there was some stares but it didn't bother her. We got her contact info and will be meeting with her this coming week at the Bishop's house. 

Life is so good! 
I am loving life and time is just flying way to fast! Happiness that is indescribable! I know this work is true! I love all of you and am thankful for your love and support! 

-Elder Organ 

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