Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland

October 28, 2013

Hello Everyone!

    Well this week was an insane one! Tuesday we had District meeting and then drove the 1.5 hours to Helena for the iPad training. As we walked in, we were all issued our very own iPad and then spent 3 hours setting it up to be a missionary tool, learning about how to use it effectively, and much more. It was mind blowing how missionary work has changed, entered a new age and the Lord has great things in store! 

I have received questions on what we use the iPad for... Well to do missionary work! The Area Book and personal planners are all now in an app, so no more physical planners or area books, its all on the iPad. It has an amazing organization of all members, potentials, referrals, investigators, formers, etc. 

Its mind blowing. 

We do our online proselyting through Facebook on the iPad. We have the gospel library which allows us to teach with conference segments, talks, Mormon message videos, broadcasts, the scriptures and so much more, so we use it in every lesson! It is amazing because we get to follow the Spirit more fully. 

For example, if we are teaching a lesson and a conference talk comes to mind or a Mormon message to share... Boom! We have it right then and there and will take the lesson the direction the Spirit wants it to go. If the weather is bad or for whatever reason we cant make an appointment then we can Skype, or Facetime a lesson, we Skype into Ward Councils if we cover more than one unit, we Skype into Mission Conferences as leaders... The list goes on and on for what these can be used for! Its a true blessing to be a part of a mission that was selected to pilot the Lord's new tool. 
WednesdayThursday, and Friday we did a lot of travel for various assignments and taking care of things within our Zone. We put over 1,000 miles on our car in these 3 days so that gives you an idea of how much travel we did, I was worn out when Friday night came around. 
Saturday we had an appointment with a potential investigator who we had met briefly while raking leaves for someone a few days earlier. We met him at his house and then walked down to a park he wanted to meet at. We taught him the Restoration and even though we were outside with the wind blowing, kids playing in the park, people and cars going by, it was as if we were in our own little world and it was one of the most spiritual lessons on my mission. He said he was confused in life, searching for the truth, and just wanting to know what to do. We were able to testify "This is what you have been searching for, your search and the confusion is over, this message we have for you will change your life."  

The spirit was so strong and he recognized it, he accepted an invitation to be baptized but would not commit to a date yet. 
Saturday night we went out to Cascade Branches Trunk or Treat. Cascade is the 2nd unit we cover and is 35 miles South of us. It was a good turn out at the Trunk or Treat and we were able to meet a part member family we have hopes to meet with in the coming week. We also went and visited some less active recent converts and had a good lesson with them. It was good to be there and help them in their time of need. 
Sunday was meetings and Sunday night we received transfer information for us and our Zone. Elder Rodriguez and I are staying together but there are many movements within our Zone so there will be a lot of travel again this week to move many missionaries and vehicles. 

But another highlight of the week was a baptism in a ward within our Zone, we attended and guess who showed up?... Our new investigator we had just taught the day before! He stayed for the whole baptism, and a church tour, felt the Spirit so much and wants to meet with us again as soon as he can! It was so awesome! 

I love this work and it is such a blessing to have experiences like that with people.
Why is the title "Winter Wonderland"? Because yesterday the high went from 60 and sunny to last night 25 degrees and snowing... It snowed all night, is still snowing at 2:30 PM and is still 18 degrees here! Holy Cow! Wish I could send you pics but I will have to next week. 

Got to go. Love all of you! I know this work is true! I know because I have tried it, I live it and I love it. It is the way to true happiness! Love you!

Elder Organ

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