Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It Has Been A While

June 9, 2014

Hey Everyone, 

    Sorry it has been a couple weeks since a group email. 
Things are going well here in Thermopolis, Wyoming. We are working hard to find new people to teach, striving to find those that the Lord has prepared. We have several really solid potentials that we have high hopes for. 
This past week I was gone in Billings/Helena Montana from Tuesday to late Friday night. We had mission tour with Elder Carlos A. Godoy from the Seventy and he taught us so much! I really enjoyed mission tour and the personal revelation I received there to help me in my mission at this point in time. 
I am sorry this is short and lacks a lot of details, my mind kind of just blanks out on what happened throughout the week when I get to the computer on Monday mornings. 

Thank you all for your support and I hope you are all doing well! 

Attached are some pictures...:)

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