Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Blessing

April 14, 2014

Hello Everyone,

    Well this week was extremely busy and super crazy! 
Attached are some pictures of this weeks encounters and adventures.
Horses we found on a dirt road, they came right up to our window!!
Horses we found on a dirt road, they came right up to our window!!
Horses we found on a dirt road, they came right up to our window!!

A seafood soup we ate, it had crab legs, octopus, squid, muscles, all sorts of things... I used to hate seafood but this soup was awesome, and who would have thought I would get such an exotic experience in Wyoming where all people eat is meat and potatoes!
All the supplies we ordered for the Zone... Over 500 Book of Mormons to give out!
At the beginning of the week I was pretty sick but had so many things to get done so no time to rest. Tuesday we had Zone training and then we didn't get back to Thermopolis until Thursday afternoon. As we were coming back to town we got a call from a ward member asking us to go give a blessing to Brother George (name changed) who was in the hospital. We said we would love to do that and would get over there as soon as we could. The following experience I share with all humility...
We went to give Brother George the blessing at about 7:30 pm on Thursday night. We went into his hospital room and talked to him for just a few moments. His voice was quiet and he was weak, so we asked him who he would like to give the blessing, he slowly raised his hand and pointed at me. It is always such a privilege and blessing in my own life when I can give someone a priesthood blessing. 
So my companion anointed and then I stepped up to the hospital bed to seal the anointing. I sealed the anointing and paused waiting for words to come, the very first words that came into my mind were, "It is okay to go home, your mission here is accomplished." I waited in silence, honestly praying for the faith to say those words, and then the words left and other words came to mind, I started the blessing and the words flowed. 
It was such a cool experience because through the blessing we really were able to know what kind of life this man had lived. He had lived a life of service, always serving anyone who came his way who needed help, he had had true Christ-like love for all men. 
Towards the end of the blessing he was told, "Your mission is complete here, all the experiences and knowledge you have gained in this life you must use in the next life in bringing souls unto Christ." And the blessing was then closed, Bro. George was so grateful, he was at peace. A little over 12 hours later he passed away. 
It was such a faith promoting experience for me. There is no doubt in my mind where Brother George is at or what he is doing, he is in the spirit world teaching people and using the knowledge he gained here to bring souls unto Christ just as he was told in the blessing. He is no longer in pain, he is experiencing true joy and true peace. 
I know this to be true and it is all made possible through our Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ broke the bands of death and left the tomb empty on the third day! 
"I know that my Redeemer lives, oh what joy this sweet sentence gives!"
 This Sunday is Easter, I invite all of you to ponder your relationship with Jesus Christ, what he has done for you and the Resurrection. I know Jesus Christ lives, I am one of His representatives and invite all to come unto Christ. 
Love each of you, have a wonderful week!

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