Tuesday, March 4, 2014


February 11, 2014

Hello Everyone,  
So the subject line is "Driving..." Why, you may ask? Because I spent over 20 hours in a car driving freeway miles. So this 20 hours was all spent on a freeway getting to somewhere, it does not include our "in-town" miles. Just to give you an idea... Yesterday I personally drove 535 miles moving missionaries around, that is why I didn't email yesterday, I was out of town all day. 
Anyways... Ha ha the reason I mention any of this is just to show you the uniqueness of my mission, it is geographically so wide spread, especially for a "states mission". To drive from the East side of my mission to the West side, it would take you 11.5 hours. To drive North to the South it would take you 9.5 hours and anything diagonal across the map can be even longer! Transfers around here are an all day process, lots of time spent in the car. 
My zone is 3 hours North to South and 2.5 hours West to East. I don't know how this compares to my missionary friends throughout the world but from what I understand, this is pretty unique for a stateside mission. 
Anyways I have rambled on long enough of geography, my point is we were really busy with travels this entire week that sadly we didn't get in as much teaching as I would have hoped but we did have some great lessons... C----- L----- will be baptized this coming Saturday, Feb. 15th and had some good lessons with other people we have been working with.
Life is hard sometimes but I always find comfort in praying and reading the scriptures... The simple primary answers really are the answers for life's hardest questions. I am grateful to be here on my mission, I know this church is true, if you will live the gospel and love it then I testify you will be happy. 
Love you all!

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