Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Busy Week

February 24, 2014

Hello Everyone

     Well the harsh weather is back, it is snowing and in the negatives once again but as missionaries in the Great Falls Zone we say, "Bring it on, the work will press forward!". And the work does indeed go forward. 
This week was a really busy one, we had a mid-transfer adjustment so I spent some time on the road switching some missionaries. I was on an exchange in the Northern part of the zone for a few days, it was really fun to be with some great Elders who are both new to their area and are working hard. When I got back to my own area at the tail end of the week we had a lot to get done and sent in on time and then we hit it hard teaching. 
Elder Wyatt and I both spoke in church yesterday and so that was a great tool we used to invite anyone and everyone to church. Many of the less actives and investigators we work with all came, including a man we have been working on for 6 solid months who has been inactive for 50+ years came and sat in the 4th row, it made my week!
 Here are some pictures!
Our Ford Fusion that got stuck in the mud. Elder Nessen and I got out and pushed will Elder Wyatt stayed in the car at the wheel.
So much mud!
My suit coat (an old one) that I just washed and hung out to dry which worked great actually!
A picture of our baptism last weekend.

These pics are of when one of my favorite member families took us bowling on Preparation Day!
It was a busy, fun week with so much going on! We have a lot to get done this week and then this weekend we get transfer info so this transfer really has flown by! I have been here in Great Falls 6 months and really would love to stay 6 more if its God's plan.
    I testify to each of you of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, this book is true, it is another witness that Jesus is the Christ, I put the promise to the test, I have read this book again and again and asked to know if it is the word of God. The Holy Ghost bore witness to me that this book is true. I invite all to come unto Christ by reading the Book of Mormon and asking God with a sincere heart and real intent if it is true. By reading the Book of Mormon I came to know my Savior in a more real way. 
I testify that Jesus Christ suffered, bled and died for you and for me. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer. I testify that He not only died for us but He broke the bands of death, He left the tomb empty so that we can all live again. 
Jesus Christ lives today and is at the head of this church, I love being his representative, how great is my calling.
Elder Aaron John Organ

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