Monday, December 2, 2013

Negative 26 Degrees... Say What?!

December 2, 2013

Hello Everyone! 

   I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday and are getting ready for Christmas day! I love the Christmas season, everyone is much more charitable and loving. Many more receptive to the true meaning of Christmas and I just wish you all the best Christmas season ever, enjoy it! 
This week has been a busy one as always, my mind is kind of blank when I try to think back to what all happened. We had a busy week, finishing it off with 21 lessons, even with it being a holiday week. 
It was great, I enjoyed 4 meals on Thanksgiving and I didn't think it was physically possible and I am the first to admit its pretty nasty but... I weighed myself Thanksgiving morning and then weighed myself that night after our 4 dinners and I had gained almost 12 pounds! And so my dear friends... I am getting fat! I wouldn't dare make it public information how much weight I have gained since coming out on the mission but just know it has stopped... and I am going to eat right and slim back down, hold me to it! Haha!
     I am in Shelby, Montana (just South of Canada) on exchanges and currently as I write this letter it is 9 degrees with the wind blowing at 30 mph and snowing pretty hard. This week it is forecasted to get down to negative 26 degrees, not counting windchill... Never in my life have I seen it that cold. All the natives just laugh at me when they see how cold I am and find out I am from Arizona, they all say, "Boy, just wait, you have not seen anything yet!" All I can say in return is..."It is all a part of the adventure!" 
I love my mission, it really is just a big adventure! I love all the missionaries I get to work with, I love all the people I get to meet, all the food I get to eat, all the things I get to learn and I love this gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and know He loves me. He loves all of you! 
I love you all and thank you for your support, remember this time of year what Christmas is all about! Until next time...
Elder Organ

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