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All Things Are Possible To Those Who Believe

June 17, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
     Another week has come and gone! Seriously where does the time go!? 

So this week was another great week here in Corvallis. We are working with Taylor Gerber, Tammy Powell, Nancy Powell, Keith and Julie Jessop who are all from Pinesdale. We had a lesson appointment in the home of Tammy Powell and we got there and she was finishing getting ready, so we were waiting with the Burts (members who took us to Pinesdale) and Tammy's daughter, Michelle. We were all talking when Tammy yells from down the hallway, "Michelle, hurry Angel is having a seizure!". So I was thinking "Who is Angel? Is she alright? What can we do to help!" Angel was their poor little dog who is pretty old and had not been feeling well. So our appointment fell through as the dog was taken to the vet. We have yet to find out the status of the dog and reset our appointment.
We had a lesson with Phil Lopez who is an excommunicated member working on coming back to be re-baptized and also with his Less Active daughter, Serena Lopez. They are the nicest people ever and so good to us! I really enjoy our lessons with them and feel they will both be back in full activity as they continue on this path they are on!
One of the highlights of my week was having a Mission Tour meeting with Elder Arnold of the Seventy who I had met as a young man when he was on assignment to my stake. He is a powerful servant of the Lord and it was such a blessing to learn from him and others who spoke at this conference. The spirit was soooo strong and so enjoyable. I learned a lot and was inspired by their message to make changes in my life and strive to become a better missionary!
Saturday night, we were walking down Main street in Corvallis when a man pulled over and rolled down his window, as we approached him to talk to him he put his hand out the window and shook our hands and began to speak...he said, "I can tell by the way you are dressed that you are the Mormon missionaries. You are in a cult, you are wasting your time and you really need to reconsider and do your research. I was inspired to come and tell you this...." I chose to do as Jesus did before the politicians he was taken to and when accused... to hold my peace and say nothing but to bid the man a good night. 

I am sure current and past missionaries can all relate and have countless similar stories, but to you future missionaries: your testimony will be tested in ways you have never considered and you will be accused of horrible things. We must all constantly build our testimonies and be prepared to bear powerful witness of Christ and what we are called to do when the times are right. Don't ever let things like this get you down!
The time was right to bear my testimony to a different man under a completely different circumstance. I share the following sacred and personal experience with great humility... 

Last night we contacted an inactive man who lives FAR up into the hills. He is going through a hard time right now, his wife left him with 2 children and he is struggling with believing in God right now, he said he was searching for the truth. Moments after meeting this man my heart swelled with love for him and all I wanted was to help him. As I listened to him the Spirit told me, "Elder Testify." I bore my testimony to this man of the Book of Mormon. I told him his searching must be in the Book of Mormon and promised him that he can know for himself of its truthfulness and be healed of these hard times through the Savior, Jesus Christ. He looked deep into my eyes questioning my faith and testimony. I told him of God's love for him and borrowed the words from Elder Holland, "All things are possible to those who believe." Through the entire experience, the spirit was so strong and a turning point for me. I feel it touched this man and he invited us back later this week. I am praying for this man with all my heart and cant wait to see what happens.
To all of you..."All things are possible to those who believe." 

Keep the faith and continue on! I know Heavenly Father and His Son love each and every one of you! Never forget this and never cease to build your testimonies and foundations on the rock of the Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. I love you all so much and am so thankful for your love, support, and prayers. May the Spirit guide us all in our lives and may we all be safe until we meet again!
-Elder Aaron Organ

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