Saturday, August 3, 2013

All About Pinesdale and The Polygamists

Hey all you Elder Organ Supporters!! When our favorite missionary got transferred and moved to his second area, he started talking a lot about a place called Pinesdale. Most of us had a bunch of questions and he came through with some great answers and information!

(Sent June 10, 2013)

Hello everyone,
    Many of you have asked more about Pinesdale and some of you may not know anything about it but notice I reference it a lot in my weekly emails. And some of you may not care at all, if that is the case then delete this now... Haha! The following information is my understanding from what I have been told and researched...

Take it for what it is.
Pinesdale is a Polygamist Community just about 10 miles from the center of  Corvallis. The people there are a break off of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They believe their ancestors were asked by the Prophet John Taylor to continue to live the higher laws of Polygamy and the law of Consecration because the "Gospel was restored, never again to be taken from the Earth" so they believe they are to live these higher laws until the Second Coming.
They believe that at the split from the "Mother Church" (LDS), that the Priesthood went with the Pinesdale group and that the Mother Church remained to carry on things such as Temples and Missionary work. Right there is a contradiction because how are the Temples and the ordinances supposed to work without the Priesthood? That is just one example of many issues. But they fully believe that the "Priesthood" and the "Mother church" will one day reunite to continue on.
There in Pinesdale they believe the Joseph Smith story, the Restoration, they study the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, etc. Many of the doctrines are taught the same way but they believe they have the prophet and 12 apostles so things after the split they do not respect or believe in. 

An example: President Kimball's revelation in 1978 that all worthy men can hold the Priesthood...they don't believe in that revelation because it was after the split.  
So it boils down to... Is polygamy supposed to be lived at this time? Where is the Priesthood authority? And is Thomas S. Monson the Prophet and mouthpiece for the Lord, today? Those are the questions Pinesdale investigators we are working with really have to answer for themselves. Serving here and working with these good people searching for truth and what is real is usually pretty interesting but such a blessing.
I don't know if this cleared things up for those who had questions or just brought more confusion... I hope it helped and for those who didn't really care but read it anyways, I hope you enjoyed the additional knowledge. 

I know this Church is the true Church and Jesus Christ is at the head, leading His Church with His mouthpiece and prophet, Thomas S. Monson. 

Keep the faith and endure to the end!
-Elder Organ

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