Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Winter Weather in June and A Major WIPEOUT!

June 10, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
     This week was another great, fun and adventurous week as a missionary for the Lord, Jesus Christ. We were able to meet with a family that the parents were baptized in March or April before we got here and talk to them about their 3 daughters being baptized, they will all be baptized June 22nd so that is exciting. They are such a great family and from Pinesdale so pretty knowledgeable children and so ready for their baptism. We plan to continue to meet with them though and teach the lessons. Good practice for us and new member lessons for them.
Wednesday we woke up at 4 am and it was 33 degrees and yes it is JUNE! Haha but we woke up that early to get ready and drive to Hamilton where we were picked up and 6 of us crammed into the Chevy Colorado, drove the hour to Missoula where we met all the other missionaries in our zone and we all loaded up into 2 vans and drove the 3 hours to Helena where we had a zone conference. Zone conferences are always so great, get to meet so many missionaries, be reunited with friends and hear true inspiration from President and Sister Mecham! It was so good to hear from them and practice different things to improve ourselves as missionaries.
Then the rest of the week we contacted a ton of Less Actives and had some good lessons/conversations with many of them, we will see what we can do there. 

But Friday we spent 3 hours in Urgent Care...why you may ask!? Well as some of you know, my companion is brand new to learning to ride a bike. Well he has been doing really well and improving a ton! But then Friday we were headed down the dirt road from our house and he lost control on one of the hills and wiped out hard core! 

AHHHH! so we went to Urgent Care where he got rock removed from his right hand, left elbow and his cuts cleaned up that were elsewhere. It broke his glasses and moved some teeth around so we also saw a dentist and will see the eye doctor today. But no worries, all is well and he is healing up fine, no real serious damage and no broken bones. Honestly could have been so much worse and we are both thankful it was only what it was. He has had a great attitude about it and I told him it happens to everyone when they first learn to ride. Made me think of all the wipeouts I had on bike as a kid...haha! He even picked pink bandages at the doctors!

      Yesterday on Sunday Bishop called us out of our class to talk with him and another young man. The young man's name is Taylor and he has been dating a young woman in the ward, he was raised in Pinesdale but wants to find out for himself where the Priesthood is and if Thomas S Monson is the prophet today, so we began teaching him yesterday. It is great to have a new investigator and I feel he is sincere in finding out for himself and not for his girlfriend.
We look forward to Gracie getting back into town this week so we can keep meeting with her and discussing her baptism. She wants to wait until the end of July when her in-laws will be here visiting. We also look forward to Mission Tour this coming Friday when Elder Arnold of the Seventy and his wife will come to train us. That will be a spectacular meeting and will take place in Missoula only an hour away. Yay but not so much travel!
So that was our week, hopefully it was detailed enough and answered some of the questions I get from many of you! 

Thank you all for the letters, emails, love and support! Means the world to me and is such a boost! You are all so great, keep the faith!
Until next time,

Elder Organ 

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