Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Tough Week

Hey everyone, this next letter from our Elder was a tough one to read as I'm sure it was tough to write. Our sweet Grandma had passed away a few days before and that compacted with a lot of disappointment in the mission field was all very trying for him.

March 25, 2013

"Dear family and friends,

   This week has been a hard and challenging week for me. This week consisted of investigators dropping us (not wanting to visit anymore), teaching appointments falling through, investigators not keeping their commitments, and many, many doors being slammed in my face. This is mission life at times and I have worked hard in fighting off feelings of discouragement. I know there will be challenging times throughout my mission and through out my life but I am thankful for the knowledge of what to do...

We must always turn towards God, our Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

As I had studied the scriptures diligently this week and prayed, sincerely trying to communicate with my Heavenly Father, I have felt peace and comfort and am so thankful for it.
With it being the week of Easter and with the passing of my dear grandmother this last week, Jesus Christ and His Atonement has really been on my mind.

 I am so thankful to know with all my heart that Jesus Christ came here to this earth and atoned for my sins, your sins and for everyone's. That He, the great Redeemer overcame sin and overcame death. I know that my Redeemer Lives, He Lives because on the third day He overcame death and left the tomb empty. 

How glorious this truly is and what comfort this brings me... Because of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is possible to be together with our families forever. This gospel is indeed the plan of happiness. I know I will see my grandmother again, and all of my family that has passed away and that I can live with my family forever; the family I have now and the one I will have with my wife will be eternal... It will be forever. 

I love this plan and this gospel. 

I love all of you!

-Elder Aaron Organ"

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