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Missionary Life is AWESOME!

 March 18, 2013

"Dear Family and Friends,

    Well this week up here in Lakeside, Montana has been an interesting one! 

Tuesday, we drove an hour south to Polson with a Senior Couple Elder to take care of some Mission business. We are an 18-hour drive from the other side of the Mission and the furthest area from the Mission Home in Billings. It's about an 11-hour drive to the Mission Home! Due to these circumstances, the Sr. Couple Elder is a leader here on the West-side of the Mission and operates under the Keys of President Mecham, the Mission President. So Elder Brown and I accompanied him on some Mission business that took most of our Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday we taught some lessons to our investigators and visited some others but it was pretty slow. Then, Friday morning we had to be in Kalispell at 7:30 AM for Zone Leader training. Kalispell is one of the bigger cities on the West-side of MT, it has about 10,000 people and is about 40 minutes North of our little Lakeside. So we went to the Stake Center there for Zone Leader training which was pretty much an all day training, which was awesome! 

I learned a lot and was highly motivated by my Zone Leaders Elders Scott and Burrows. They are so awesome and I love them and learn so much from their examples. I am so thankful for the relationship I have with them as my Zone Leaders and the relationship I have with my companion, Elder Brown.  Elder Brown and I get along so well and work great together. We push each other on our personal and individual goals as well as push to learn and grow together as a companionship. 

**To any future Missionaries reading this: You must always strive to have a good relationship with your companion, where the Spirit can reside within each of you to guide and help you personally as well as a companionship. If you can't get along then the Spirit can't be with you! The Spirit is the one who converts, so if you don't have the Converter, then you are wasting the Lord's precious time and resources! Go out on your mission with the determination to do ALL in your power to get along with everyone you work with. It will be so much better and more rewarding!**

    So after Zone training on Friday, Elder Brown and I stayed with the ZLs and went on exchanges. I was able to work with Elder Scott and we visited some people in their area there in Kalispell. That night we taught the 3rd lesson to an 8 year old girl named Erin. It was a little different teaching a child but she was so smart and understood it all so well, it was great to be a part of that with Elder Scott. That night we slept at the home where the ZLs live with another set of Elders. 

We all slept over because Saturday morning we all woke up and went to do a service project. Their service project was going to this lady's farm on the outskirts of Kalispell and help in the big all-day event of SHEEP SHEERING! It was sooooo awesome! We got to man handle the sheep and take their "coats" off which protect their wool, then we would take them to the sheep sheerer who would shave the sheep's wool off so fast, it was so cool to see how it all works. Then we would take the sheep from him and put on another smaller coat to protect the next years growth of wool.
I hope that all makes sense, I will get pictures sent home and then they will get up on the blog so it will all make more sense and ya'll can see me in action! It was such a blast and felt so great to help this amazing woman out with her sheep.
So a quick update on our investigators:
-We met with Kurt Wild who is on date for the 30th, we saw him 3 times this week. He is working on the WordOfWisdom and going through tremendous amounts of pain because of his back and shoulder injuries. More procedures and surgeries to come, so as a result he has not been able to come to church and his baptism will be moved back. But he is strong and growing in the gospel. We were able to give him a blessing this week. The Spirit was so strong and he said he had immediate relief. He didn't make it to church yesterday because he couldn't move from the intensity of the pain but read the Book of Mormon and prayed all day! He bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon last night and so we are so excited for him. We will meet and teach him this week several times.

               - Ute (our German lady friend)... We saw her twice this week just as a drop in visit to see how she was doing with her reading. We teach her lesson 2 this week! :)
- Sherry Williams, she has a long story that I don't have time to explain but we are also teaching her the second lesson this week and we will be working closely with her. She will have to get special permission from the 1st Presidency to be baptized due to some unique circumstances that I won't explain at this time, but I have great faith in her. We are excited to work with her.

This week we will be working harder then ever before, we are praying to find more to teach and know this week is going to be a great one!

 Love you all so much and cant thank you enough for the love and support! 

Till next week....


Elder Organ"

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