Monday, November 24, 2014


November 17, 2014

Dear family and friends,

     This week was truly a busy and crazy week! Monday the snow came and the change in weather, it is now winter! Brrr!

Monday night, and Tuesday I was saying my goodbyes to many in the West Park and Rimrock Wards, it truly was an awesome area and I enjoyed serving there! Tuesday afternoon we did a lot of prep work and testing for a broadcast we were in charge of that would take place on Thursday. There were a lot of technical difficulties but we were able to work through those and get things running better. Tuesday night missionaries being transferred from Wyoming or Glendive came into Billings and needed to be housed. The transfer van didn't get in until 10pm due to the snow and ice, it had been snowing off and on and by Tuesday night the low was below zero. Wednesday morning started at 5:30am, I drove an Elder to the mission home who had stayed the night with us and dropped him off there and met up with my new companion Elder Griffith. We were then assigned to help brush snow and de-ice 10 brand new Nissan frontiers. The temperature was 2 degrees, it was some hard work getting them ready to go for the drivers who took these ten trucks West. But anyways it was a busy day with transfers!

     Thursday we did a mission leadership broadcast all about Online Proselyting. It was about 2 hours long and it went pretty good. We were able to train district leaders, zone leaders, sister training leaders and Facebook zone specialists all about the Standards for Online Proselyting in our mission and all about the How To's.

     By Friday morning Elder Griffith and I were finally settled into our new area. We are both new to the ward so we have just been going around and meeting as many members as we can right now. Our area has been worked over pretty good and so we are seeking different avenues by which to find people to teach. The Ward is really nice and caring, we are grateful for them. I am grateful for the amazing host family I live with, they are too good to us. I am having a lot of fun serving with Elder Griffith, he is awesome!

    This week has been super cold, for about 5 days the highs were between 5 and 15 degrees and the lows as low as -12. But such is life, bring on winter!

Things are going great! This week I had a very spiritual experience. We had an all day training meeting on Friday, and there Sister Mecham pointed out that Moses, Nephi and many of the prophets "went to the mountain" and there they obtained a vision for themselves and of what God needed them to accomplish. Then she asked us, "Have you been to the mountain? What's your vision?" I took what she said to heart and had an amazing experience! I would invite all of you to evaluate yourselves, go to the mountain and seek your vision.

I know God lives and loves you and can reveal through the Holy Ghost what He would have you do and who He needs you to be! I love all of you an am grateful for the support! Have a wonderful week!

P.S. Attached pictures are of me and Elder Griffith. Yes one of them really shows you the truth of how bald I have gotten!

- Elder Organ

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