Monday, November 24, 2014

Meeting An Apostle and Playing Some Basketball

August 11, 2014

Hello Everyone,
     I had a great week this week! We were really busy all week contacting referrals, trying potentials and spreading the word about a HUGE YSA event we have this coming Wednesday night. 
Then on Saturday, Elder Page (one of my companions), Elder Thomas and Elder Payne (one of the assistants) all played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament here in Billings. It was a big tournament with hundreds of people there. We called ourselves the "Stormin Mormons" and played in white shirts and ties. Right off the bat the D.J./announcer of the tournament gave us a shout out and then throughout the day as we played our games we kept getting shout outs. Lots of people gathered to watch the Mormons play. We won all our games on Saturday and advanced to the final round which was to be played on Sunday. So when we went to registration on Saturday evening after winning our last game we explained to them we would not be playing on Sunday and why that was. The head of the tournament said, "I really respect you boys for coming out and playing some great ball in white shirts and ties and respect you even more after doing so well to step down because of your beliefs of keeping the Sabbath day holy" and then he got on the microphone and announced that to everyone and promised he would give us another shout out on Sunday. So at the end of the day we were way happy that we had played well, won our games, had gotten some amazing publicity in the community and picked up a new investigator... our ref, haha! He promised us he would bring his family to church this next Sunday.
 We had been preparing and training for this tournament for weeks playing ball early in the mornings before exercise time, I got in better shape and did well but still managed to roll my ankle in the last 2 min of our last game! It was all a fun time, pictures attached! In some of the pics we are holding blow-up pics of ourselves because we had a fan club of members and missionaries come support us and our Bishops wife made those for people to hold while cheering us on! Haha!
     Now for the biggest highlight of the week, much better than playing basketball in that tournament....Yesterday on Sunday there was a multi-stake conference here in Billings where Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles came and spoke. The conference was fantastic, so many inspiring talks given to a huge congregation! When Elder Nelson entered the chapel, everyone stood and was silent, the Spirit flooded the room. After the conference Elder Nelson stayed and shook hundreds of people's hands and hugged hundreds of children. I was on the 5th pew, pretty close to where he was standing in the aisle and just observed him as greeted so many, he greeted them with such pure, real and genuine love. I was able to make my way to him and shook his hand, he looked me right in the eyes and said, "Elder Organ, thank you for your service, I love you!" I felt the Spirit so strongly and can testify to each of you with all the conviction of my soul that Elder Nelson is an Apostle of Jesus Christ! 
I testify that Jesus Christ has a quorum of twelve apostles on earth today, the same as when he called His 12 original apostles. I testify that there is a prophet on earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, I know he is called of God! I know we will all be so much better off to listen to the servants of God and follow their council and guidance. General Conference is fast approaching once again but don't wait, read the words of living prophets and apostles this week! I promise that as you do you will feel comforted and guided in this crazy world in which we live. I love you all so much!
 Have an amazing week!
- Elder Aaron Organ

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