Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall in Billings, Montana

September 29, 2014

Hello Everyone,
      Fall is here in Billings; it is a beautiful, cloudy, and cold day here in Montana. The leaves are changing colors and dropping from the trees, it is truly an amazing time of year! 
Transfer information came out yesterday and Elder Clark and I will both be staying here in Billings for another 6 weeks which we are both super happy and excited about! The last few weeks have been full of adventures as we have continued to be really busy. 
We have J--- B------ who is a less active that has really gotten into family history lately and that has been the motivator for her to come back to church and prepare to go back to the temple. D------ C----- is also progressing well, she too has been less active for many years but has been to church several times in the last 6 weeks and she absolutely loves it and loves to learn all she can about the gospel. We have N----- W------ and his non-member wife who have been coming to church a lot more and she is on date for baptism for October 25th.  Another person on date for October 25th is D---- L--------- and we are trying to work really closely with him to help him make that date. Also there is C---- T------ and his non-member girlfriend we are trying to teach and then also D-- J------ and his nonmember wife who we will meet tomorrow.
 There is so much great work going on here and lots of fantastic people I have truly grown to love. It is truly so much fun to serve in the West Park Ward and Rimrock YSA Ward here in Billings! Next week I will try to attach some pictures!
     I know that Jesus is the Christ! I know He lives and He loves us! I know we have living prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ that will speak to us this weekend! I am so excited for General Conference and can testify that as we prayerfully prepare that it will truly be an edifying experience! This work is true and I am so humbled and so blessed to be a part of it, I truly love my job! Thank you all for your prayers, love and support! 
- Elder Aaron Organ

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