Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pictures of Elder Organ: Sent April 24, 2014

I absolutely love technology and the progression of all the tools we have to communicate with people from all over. It really is a great thing!

A member who lives in Worland, Wyoming met our favorite Elder Organ at a Stake Seminary activity on April 23rd and was able to snap some pictures and then was kind enough to forward them on via email to my parents with a little note. This isn't the first time we've been surprised by little tidbits of news and photos either. My mom has gotten both texts and phone calls from members who have spent time with Elder Organ and thought to take pictures and relay little messages. Its always a happy surprise!

"My name is Michelle Winder, and I live in Worland, Wyoming. I met your Elder last night at a Stake Seminary activity. The missionaries were invited to participate to encourage our seminary kids to continue reading through out their lives. The stake wanted to use the missionaries as good examples. The Elders and Sisters split up into teams, and were part of all of the activities. They had scriptures chases, balloon popping to find clues, mad gab, putting scriptures in order, etc. It was a fun night."

Yay for unexpected pictures!! Enjoy :)

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