Monday, September 23, 2013

Wyoming is Indeed WONDERFUL!!

August 26, 2013   

Hello Family and Friends,

  Life is amazing here in Riverton, Wyoming! This week was a hard one with fighting a cold that's been passed around our district and appointments falling through. But life is still great! I love it here and love the ward here, we have so many great families in this ward that are really excited to get involved and will do just about anything for us, we are really cared for and it's such a blessing! 

Something exciting is that Elder Anthony, one of our Zone Leaders, is here with us on exchanges and yesterday he gave a presentation to our Stake President on the use of Facebook in missionary work and we got Stake approval with using Facebook and then last night Elder Linton and I gave the presentation to our Bishop who approved it. So now I am officially an "Online Proselyting Missionary" and will be getting my Missionary Facebook set up this week.  I am excited to use this tool for the Work of Salvation, I have been trained on it again and again and can testify to all of you that it is a tool the Lord is using to further His great work. I am excited to be able to use it. 

Just a note... Do not try to friend me on my Missionary Facebook if you happen to find it. Just continue to follow my personal Facebook account and Missionary Page if you wish to do so :)

     I wish I had all sorts of stories about investigators and things but we don't have any right now but I promise we are working hard in finding the prepared to teach them. We were blessed with being able to teach a man the Restoration this week. That was the 1st time teaching it since I arrived in this area so it was awesome. We will see what happens with him in the coming weeks.  

The big highlight is coming this week... Allow me to explain...

6 weeks ago President Mecham, my Mission President, announced that he and the Billings Temple President had separately and at different times received revelation that all of the missionaries of our mission needed to come to the Temple. They discussed it and announced to our mission at that time that we would all be coming to the House of the Lord. We were asked to keep that confidential until now... 

This coming Wednesday I get to go into the House of the Lord after over 6 months. I know most missionaries throughout the world go their whole 2 years with out every being able to attend so ever so humbly, I am sharing this with all of you... I am so excited for this great blessing. I had been praying to get transferred to Billings to be able to go to the Temple but the Lord answered my prayers in His own way and is allowing all of us to go. 

We will attend as a Zone this Wednesday and I can't wait to share my experience with all you this coming week. But please know that I love the temple, I know it truly is the House of the Lord where we can make sacred covenants and draw close to our Father and Savior. It is my hope and prayer none of us will ever take it for granted and always realize what a blessing it is. I pray we can all be covenant keepers and be anxiously engaged in the work of salvation, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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