Monday, September 23, 2013

Short On Time, Big On Spirit!

August 19, 2013

    Hello Everyone!

Hey, I am short on time, I got to go real soon so this email will be short so I am sorry about that but I had a lot of personal emails I needed to reply to that had been building up over the last month. All you missionaries out there know how that goes! Haha :)

    So nothing too exciting this week, Elder Linton and I have just been working hard on cleaning up records by contacting everyone that's been in the area book and looking for people to teach. We have 4 new investigators this week but we will see how that all turns out in the weeks coming. 

A spiritual highlight of the week was getting in with a LA (less active member), after getting to know her a little bit she asked for a priesthood blessing. The priesthood is so powerful and its humbling getting to use it to help others, and that is all it can be used for is to help others! The blessing was powerful and she was touched, she said we can help her work through things so she can return to church. It was awesome! 
Our ward mission leader here is awesome! He is so excited about the work and helps us out a ton! The members are great and we are enjoying it here! I got to go now but I know this is the work of salvation and that it is God's work not my own. 

I love being a missionary! Love all of you!

-Elder Organ

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