Monday, September 23, 2013

Back When He Called Corvallis Home

Yes, more pictures from an area he is no longer in!

Can you handle this stud muffin?
A hungry Elder at lunch time!
Lots of trudging up loooong dirt roads. 
The children are playing slow! "That doesn't look like play time to me..."
Elder Jones and I under some trees waiting out a rainstorm.
Just a mile north of Corvallis, farming in full swing!
Farming in Corvallis- The irrigation system here works a lot different than our own flood system in AZ.
Hamilton :)
1 of many horse drawn carriages I have seen in Corvallis. Not uncommon to see these used for transportation!
Behold, the great valley!
Corvallis Valley behind me.
Oh yes.... Ha ha!

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