Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Faith Precedes the Miracle (Sent June 3, 2013)

Hey! So our mission does this "Faith Precedes the Miracle" article thing every week and I submitted one a few weeks back and it got in :) Whahoo! Here it is

Elder Aaron Organ 5.4.13 - The Power of a Friendship
When Elder Brown and I first arrived in Lakeside back in February we met Dustin, who is a less active. When we first met him, he told us he didn't want anything to do with us if we were there to preach to him or invite him back. He was challenging if there even was a God. We prayerfully considered what he said and decided to continue to visit him and serve him as he would allow, to simply be his friend. Well that is what we have done for the last couple months and have established a relationship with him and a trust. Last week he asked a lot of questions and we had a great gospel discussion and then when we went to see him this week...he asked us to give him a blessing. Truly a miracle from where he had been to where he has come. We gave him a blessing and it was such a powerful, spiritual experience for all three of us! He is slowly making progress and we are excited to continue to visit him. Just goes to show the power of a friendship. Be Christ-like to all and miracles will follow!

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