Sunday, June 2, 2013

That Time I Went To The Hospital

May 13, 2013

"Hello my dear friends and family,
     This week has been a crazy and intense week for me! 
Last Sunday, May 5th I think it was, I was sitting eating with the Singles Branch for Break the Fast when an intense pain struck the base of my skull and the right side of my face then went numb for about 5 minutes. I thought, "Well that was weird!" and explained what had happened to my companion. We went about our night but I didn't feel good at all and went to bed early. 
Monday I had a headache with waves of pain. Tuesday it continued the same and I felt miserable. Wednesday morning we got an unexpected call and went to a last minute meeting with our Mission President. In my interview with President Mecham, Wednesday morning, I looked trashed and felt like trash. So he asked what was going on and I explained what had happened. He had me call the Mission Nurse right away and she started me on Ibuprofen and Tylenol which helped a little. 
Thursday we spent all day in Polson on mission business and spent the night there, woke up at 5am Friday morning and drove from Polson up to Kalispell for Zone Leader Training and I was still having headaches and pains. So then after the training, I called the Mission Nurse talked it over and got approval to go see a doctor in Kalispell. The doctor in the Urgent Care heard my story and what had happened and sent me to the hospital for a CT scan of my brain. 
So that was an adventure, my 1st time ever in a hospital because of my own health! I got a CT scan which was interesting then drove back to the Urgent Care to await the results
Haha everything came back normal. So that was a big blessing but why such pain in my head and the numbness of face? After talking about many things the doctor said it was probably just Elder Organ's 1st bad migraine and that my body was in a bad cycle that needed to be broken. Well how do you break the cycle? You get shot up with a bunch of drugs and steroids! Haha so after I went through several injections.....I got drowsy and was gone. 
I really don't remember much but I know I got home to Lakeside Friday night about 8pm and didn't wake up till Saturday at 9am. And the cycle was broken and I felt loads better then I had for days! 
I am still not 100% back to normal :/ So prayers would be greatly appreciated! 
It was an interesting and crazy week that all blurred together!
Then this morning we got TRANSFER CALLS at 6:50 AM. Elder Brown and I are both being transferred out of Lakeside, kind of a shock to me! I am being "doubled in" to a new area in a small town called Corvallis (still on the far West side of the state) and I will be training a brand new missionary from the MTC. 
Only 2 elders and 11 sisters came into the mission this transfer so I am humbled to know I am being trusted as a trainer of 1 of those 2 elders. It is truly humbling and will be a great responsibility but I am so excited for the new opportunity! It will be a fun, new adventure! 
So don't send any more mail to Lakeside :)
Until next week....when I email from a new place.....
Be safe and thank you to all of you and your love and support!
-Elder Aaron Organ"

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