Friday, May 10, 2013

It's A Small World!!

April 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!
     So this week was an interesting one but a good one! 

So Tuesday, my companion, Elder Brown and I were able to be at a meeting with our Mission President. We were able to be interviewed by him which was so awesome! I have really grown to love and respect my dear Mission President who does not have an easy job. Later that day our President called us and my companion and I conducted emergency exchanges with some other Elders in our District due to some hardcore disobedience... 

I am not at liberty to say much more but what I want to say to all of you future full time missionaries that get my letter or come across this letter is this...

Go on your mission for the right reasons, be fully and exactly obedient, do not make a mockery of the special mission you are privileged to serve, of the special calling which you hold. If you make a mockery of it then there is no reason for you to be on a mission. Never waste one moment of the Lord's precious time. Make a promise to yourself to be completely obedient and serve Him with all your heart.
So here is a funny story of something that happened a few weeks ago that I forgot to tell you about! 

Elder Brown and I went out to eat at the A&W there in Polson after District Meeting and we ordered then sat down. A girl working there brings out our food and says, 

"This may be weird but is your 1st name Aaron?"
Me: Ya...(confused look)
  Her: Uhm are you from AZ?
  Me: Ya...(even more confused)
  Her: Did you go to school at Benjamin Franklin in Gilbert?
  Me: Holy Cow, yes I did! (It clicked who she was)

It was a girl that I went to grade school with at BFCS 1st to 6th grade! She had just moved to Polson and it was her 1st day working there! 
Mind Blown! Haha it was pretty dang cool!

    An adventure from this week....

We went to one of our progressing investigators houses for a lesson and when we got there and got onto her porch, there was blood everywhere... fresh blood. We were like, "What the heck?!" So as we are about to knock on the door, she came out and brought us in. Her Pitbull had run through some glass and had cut his leg in 2 places. These 2 gashes in his leg were deep and nasty, one exposing the bone completely. She explained she had no money to take him to the vet and was desperate for some help. Long story short... Elder Brown and I are both Eagle Scouts and saved the day! It was crazy helping this poor dog but we got the deep cuts all cleaned out and wrapped up real good. We put a cone on him so he cant lick at it and get the wraps off. We will be following up to see her and the dog this evening. But after helping her dog we had a very spiritual lesson with her which was awesome!
So that is one experience from this week in the life of Elder Organ ;)

Elder Brown is super hungry and wants me to get off the computer now so I am going to wrap this up ;) Haha!  

Thank you all so much for everything! Love you all! 

Until next week....
-Elder Organ

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