Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Organ's Second (And Final) Week at The MTC!

Hey everyone! Elder Organ is now in Montana in his area and is doing so GOOD! Yay! Here is his letter for ya'll from his second week in the MTC!!

February 17, 2013

"Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been truly amazing! I only have time to share one thing from this week but it is something that hit me really hard! The Spirit was so strong...

Think about this... personal conversion is mind blowing. In D&C 4:4 it says, "The field is white all ready to harvest." The field honestly is white and very ready. I am so privileged to be a servant of the Lord at this time. Because of modern revelation the mission age just changed, and the work certainly is hastening. Continuing from verse 4, "He that thrusteth in his sickle.." We must thrust and work hard. Salvation does not come easy, it takes hard work but it's more than worth it. 

So how big is your field? Think about it humbly, but realize the magnitude of your own personal conversion. Who will your personal conversion effect? If we bring just one soul unto Christ, how many generations would follow? Think of the thousands that can be effected just by the one soul that you bring. Take a look at the big picture. An amazing metaphor for all of this is, "You can count the seeds in the apple, but you cannot count the apples from the seed." Be like the three 18 year old boys that stepped into that icy river to save so many pioneers. Take the steps of courage, not only for your investigators, but for you, your friends, your family, and all that you can bring unto Christ. Do it for the millions. Because the field is white.. Cross that Icy River. These are the thoughts I was able to take from my lesson last night in class. It is so much to ponder and think about! How big is our field? Think about it!

I am so thankful for my experience here at the MTC and feel I have really grown spiritually in just 2 weeks, I am so blessed! I am so thankful for this opportunity and am so stoked to get on that plane for Montana on Tuesday! I am out of time but until next week..

I am thankful for all of you! Thank you for the love and support! 

Love you all!

Elder Organ" 

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