Monday, September 23, 2013

Transfers, Ballers, and A Baptism!

August 5, 2013

Hello Everyone,
    First big piece of news... Today is Transfer Calls so we got a call this morning about 9:30 and I was notified that I have been called to Riverton, Wyoming to serve as District Leader and to continue as a trainer. So will be training another new missionary! I feel a little nervous but prayed for a confirmation and know that God has called me to serve in these positions and it is truly humbling. God qualifies those he calls and as I continue to serve with all my heart and be exactly obedient I know I can be strengthened.
So, please don't send any more mail to Corvallis, if you already have then that's okay because my good companion Elder Jones is staying here and will forward it to me. I loooove mail so continue to write ;) Just send it to the Mission Home and they will get it to me over there in Wyoming. Thank you!
Now time for a funny story... I went to Lolo on exchanges for 2 days this week and while I was there 4 of us Elders went to a big celebration/picnic the town of Stevensville was hosting. There where the picnic was being held was a basketball court and on that court was 4 guys about our age just shooting around. So the 4 of us in our white shirts, ties and slacks get the great idea to go over there and challenge the 4 of them to a game of basketball to 11. The more we watch them the more stupid the idea seemed. The thought crossed our minds, "They are going to trash us so let's not." But then we all decided together..."We have nothing to lose and it would be a lot of fun!" So we went and challenged them to a game! Long story short, we owned these guys in our white shirts, ties, slacks and dress shoes, 11 to 8 and since it is kind of odd to see 4 missionaries playing ball in public, a pretty big crowd gathered and there was a bunch of people taking pictures Haha! It was way funny and a ton of fun! So that's one highlight of the week! :) Haha!

    Another highlight was the baptism and confirmation of Taylor Gerber. He was baptized on Saturday, August 3rd by the Bishop of the Corvallis Ward and he asked me to confirm him which happened on Sunday. It was such a sweet experience with the Spirit and I am so happy for Taylor. He took a huge leap of faith and is the first of his family to be baptized. He is a great guy and excited about all of it! 

     I hit my 6 month mark tomorrow and these 6 months have flown by! It is always hard to move to somewhere new, I have fallen in love with Corvallis and the great people here, but God has called me to Riverton, Wyoming. That is where I will now go to invite the people there to come unto Christ by faith in Him, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and then enduring to the end. 

That is my purpose as a representative of my Savior. It is my mission to testify of Him. I know Jesus is the Christ, that He died for each and every one of us but He rose the third day and lives. He is at the head of this church and directs President Monson, our prophet on earth today. The gospel is the good word or good news, spread the good news that Christ lives and loves all of us! I love each and every one of you and thank Heavenly Father each day for the love and support you give me. 

Thank you. Let us all go forward in this great cause!
 Until next week,

Elder Aaron Organ

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