Saturday, August 3, 2013

We Moved!!

July 22, 2013

   To a new apartment haha! 

Elder Jones and I moved this morning from being with a family for over 2 months to our very own 2 bedroom, full bath and full kitchen apartment. It is in the back yard of another ward member. So it will be different since I have always lived with a family on my mission but we are excited for the change and it really is a nice place! 

Today has been one busy day with the move, an appointment and all the other things we have to get done of Preparation Day. Haha, oh the busy life of a missionary, but I love it and would not have it any other way! Rushing appointment to appointment is the best way to live the mission life! Haha!

     It is haying time in Corvallis and we have some opportunities to buck LOTS of hay bails out of fields of members and investigators! I love service of all kind but especially this kind of service! Sure glad I was raised a country boy and was taught a good strong work ethic, it pays off out here in Montana-true country! 

You all are jealous because this truly is God's country! ;) Haha!

    Taylor Gerber is now officially on date for August 3rd and he is super excited about it. 

Lessons with Keith and Julie Jessop are up and down but still going on and they come to church every Sunday so that's good. 

We picked up another investigator this week and have another super good potential. The field is white and ready to harvest here in Corvallis and as we all catch the vision- God's vision - it will catch fire and there will be so much to do here!
I have a love and passion for missionary work that grows gradually and slowly each day, this is truly the work of salvation and we all must engage weather you are wearing a name tag or not get out there and spread this gospel of happiness with ALL! 

This church truly is the Church of Jesus Christ, He is at the head and this work is His work! 

Love you all and am so thankful for your love and support!
-Elder Aaron Organ

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