Saturday, February 2, 2013

And He's Off!!

Elder Organ was set apart last night which made him a real-deal, super official, no more hugs allowed missionary!! This morning he hit the road with his parents Terry and Renae and should be arriving in Provo, Utah sometime in the early evening. His report date is February 6th which means he'll be itchin' for some letters! He will only be at the MTC for 13 days and the mail service is pretty unpredictable so he requested that I share this with all of you!


For those wanting to write me (Elder Aaron Organ) while I am in the MTC, it is easiest to use This resource is awesome! Just go to, follow the prompts to sign in with your email address or make a new account, type in "Elder Aaron Organ" and "Montana Billings Mission", then follow the links to send me a letter! The letter goes right to the MTC and will be printed and delivered to me the same day you send it! This will work the best, especially since I am only here for a short amount of time (February 6th to the 20th). This is also a way you can send me letters once I am in Montana but it does require you to pay for postage online before it is printed out and sent. Just some helpful information for all of you awesome family, friends, and supporters BUT I would love to get some hand written letters the old fashion way too! :)"

Elder Organ's address for the MTC is:

Elder Aaron John Organ
MTC Mailbox #69  
MT-BIL 0219 2005 N 900 E 
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Now here are a few pictures of Elder Organ as he finished packing last night and said "See you later" to his two pilot headsets. He was sad to put them on a shelf for the next two years but knows its going to be worth it!

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We love you Elder Organ!

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  1. Aaron!!!! The kids were just saying they miss you already! But they are so excited to write you on your mission! Good luck & have the best time ever!! :) lubs!! Justin, gin & the kiddos!